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So I want to give people real control over what happens in their area: control over the way public services are delivered, the way planning decisions are made, and how public money is spent.

Local decision making leads to a postcode lottery. Will the media accept this? Will they let the government off the hook when some local services fail because some local people took the wrong decisions?

I hope so, but I doubt it.

I'm sure that David Cameron is sincere about this, but I fear that the media will corner him into revoking power where those powers led to bad decisions.

Decisions made locally eh? Good to see Dave adopting UKIP policy - and now he wants to be civil to everyone, he can't call us "closet racists" anymore - Hallelujah!

Good speech - I recomend people read the whole thing.

Your average person on the street sees manners as a pointless exercise only undertaken by foolish fops. so if someone knocks into me I will apologise, I know it is not my fault and even if the other person knows it is their fault 9 times out of 10 they will accept my apology without offering one of their own, it is almost like they believe they have won a little game of one-upmanship with me but in fact they have demonstrated they are neither a fair or reasonable person. This behaviour is even more likely if they are with friends or family as for some reason they believe they will lose face/respect if they are civil. I am not even talking about just teenagers this seems to be virtually everyone from middle aged women to children under 6. Manners need to make a comeback, civil behaviour needs to be rewarded (it is difficult to know how it would be achieved but perhaps we need a ministry of civility and fair-play that will fine a company for the rudeness of its employees and reward it if it acts civily and responsibly. The hope would then be that this behaviour would seep out into the community at large). Civility is not some relic from the time of empire it is the glue that holds society together.

Civility, good manners and standards of behaviour are sadly lacking from our present government. How can one give leadership and direction and expect good behaviour when we have Cabinet Ministers who brawl, commit serial adultery, abuse their position for personal gain, are serial liars, refuse to accept responsibility for their actions, are more concerned with ensuring their gravy train, rewrite history and gloss their actions, treat the electorate with contempt, take money for influence, pervert due process, ignore the laws and process of Parliament and Country and act as if the Robber Barons were still in power. And that folks, as we know, is only the prologue of the tale.
This country will take a long time to re-develop any semblance of good manners and civility, as decades of socialist dogma has insisted, that civility and good manners are part of the grand conspiracy to enslave them and keep them "working class".

Well, i haven't read Cambo's lastest bull...speech on the topic, but a bullet-point made me laugh out loud:- 'stop being rude to shop assistants'! The only way that will happen is if shop assistants machete the next rude arrogant b*stard to 'try it on' ( and if gutless management throw the offenders out of the store)! Seriously, i know where he is coming from. In West Oxon there's a significant campaign by the polis to stamp on 'anti-social behaviour' led by their exemplerary commander Dennis Everenden. If only all police chiefs were like him...So , it all ties in with what is happening in Cambo's own constituency. Pity there's hardly any substance to the reports of the speech....

What we have lost is the old, unfashionable concept which actually worked: do unto others as you would be done by. The spread of the "rights" industry over the past two decades has had at its core the forceful assertion of selfishness no matter what.

voreas06 - I've had the same experience as you on many occasions! Even worse is the experience on a crowded tube when rudeness is the order of the day and if you challenge any behaviour you get four letter words and other insults in return! Even at times when the tube is less crowded, you get people putting their feet on the seats who think it is their inalienable right to do this and anyone who tells them not to is completely out of order! The word "sorry" is never used - people seem to be afraid that if they utter it they will somehow lose face. I honestly don't know what the answer is - but it clearly does not lie in more legislation!

Well said the above posters. But it is our politicians in general who created this mess. Manners are essentially about discipline and our politicians have undermined common sense, hierarchy and discipline in almost every aspect of our lives. And when they are not spoiling things for the rest of us, they don't universally set a great example for the rest of us with their do as I say not as I do attitude.

I think reality TV and soaps have contributed to the problem as well. In "Eastenders" the characters insult each other the whole time and aggression and general yobbishness is the order of the day. On "Big Brother" a contestant was bullied unmercifully because she behaved like a lady by three females who clearly were little better than trollops.

Well said Sally. I have hated Eastenders and its depressing theme tune ever since it started.

"Policy is made for the minority who do wrong rather than the majority who do right."

This seems to me the fundemental point. Policy has been made in reaction to an issue, usually after a PR campaign by a minority that gets the publicity, in particular, soft interviews on the BBC. To go against this will require strong nerves.

It seems to me that a lot of the incivility is deliberate against the "unfair" society and Labour politicians regularly have encouraged this for years.

But, surely I can't be the only person who remembers Blair 8/9 years ago defending some of the scruffier actions of his government as "considering the many as opposed to the few".


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