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So what does Mr Hilton do for a living? Could he not cover the points you raise? If we believe in cost saving then this does not seem the way to go. Are elections won on the ground with good constituency operations or do we need to spend £140,000 in one go to cuddle up to the mainstream media.

I think the money could be better spent at the grass roots, for fundraisers. The heartlands need it more.

Do we need to spend 140K to cuddle up to the media. Quite simply Yes if we are serious about winning the next election.

The party is right to focus on broadcasters. The appointee should have real insights into new media too. We must be able to reach the YouTube generation at the next election.

Where will this leave George Eustice?

This is yet another example of the New Labour culture which has beset the Conservative Party. It needs beliefs and policies, not more spin-doctors and media smoke & mirrors. Surely Blair has shown that spin is anathema to voters, and no substitute for substance: something which, sadly, is utterly lacking in Dave's brave new party.

So despite the BBC making their own deeply entrenched views plain as day in the appointments of both Michael Crick and Sir Michael Lyons CCHQ are still, foolishly, kidding themselves that they can somehow woo our institutionally anti Tory state subsidised broadcaster. Perhaps Cameron, Hilton, Maude et al might benefit from being lent a copy of Robin Aitken's book?

They, and we, would be far better off with a charm offensive aimed at Rupert Murdoch who controls more UK media outlets, with more readers & viewers than anyone else and currently patently hates Cameron and all his works. We've won elections without the BBC many times in the past but never without The Sun and The Times, not to mention Sky News.

There you are chaps a real world, sensible, media strategy for you that doesn't cost £140 000.00 a year and doesn't require you to pretend to be the LibDems.

Perhaps we should hire the spin teams who are advising Iran on media manipulation?

The Government revolves around the Number 10 Press Office, and the Tory Party has criticised that fact many-a-day. David Cameron has acknowledged that the nation is sick of the "culture of spin".

Why, then, it is essential we spend this amount of money on a spin-doctor?

Let us be clear - the £140K figure is based on one website's report. It may not be true although my instinct is that Cameron will appoint a communications guru soonish and this salary would be in the right ballpark.

Well 20 years ago I could claim the moral high ground and accuse you of trying to buy the election. Trouble is, Labour are just as bad.....if not worse.

Is it any wonder the average Joe or Joanne earning 10-20k a year doesn't bother to vote when he sees these sorts of numbers?

Depressing, and I don't see an obvious solution.....

If we get someone who delivers a good media strategy and thus saves even a proportion of the millions wasted in ineffective campaigning, who increases the professionalism of the operation and in doing so enables us to stand a chance of becoming the next Government it would be money well spent.

I would have thought that a salary of £140k is rather on the low side if the party wants to hire a real pro. The person has to live close to central London, be on call 24/7 and carry an enormous weight on his/her shoulders.

If you want the best you have got to pay for it. I agree with Mike Smithson that this does seem a little on the low side.If it was up to me I would pay whatever is necessary to get what you need.
Mr Murdoch does not control the thoughts and beliefs of the British electorate as much as he would like to.It is nonsense to suggest we can`t win because we don`t have the support of some Australian, or whatever nationally he is now I lost track of that years ago, who runs a stable of crap television channels and newspapers.

I agree. £140K is not too much if we want someone good enough.

some Australian, or whatever nationally he is now I lost track of that years ago, who runs a stable of crap television channels - Jack Stone

I'm surprised that you've been allowed to get away with using such strong language about the Editor's political soulmates at FoxNews. Its output is far superior to that mindless (not to mention shamelessly biased) Trotskyist drivel produced by the BBC.

Why bother cloning the party as NuLabII.
People are beginning to see through the spin and disinformation, so it would be an own goal. Rather the party should be seen as open and honest and not subject to the NuLab trickery and pokery. Indeed, you cannot trust the media, to raise the issue of media manipulation and relations, shafting you in the face, at the drop of a hat or publisher's whim.

Eustice is effectively only a press officer anyway. Just implements tactics - doesn't advise cameron. So will fit in behind new man and keep title.

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