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The issue about Blair is not the same as that over Thatcher. He promised us he would serve a full third term. It would appear that he will not, adding yet another lie to his catalogue. It is for that reason that an election should be called when he leaves, in my opinion.

For a second there I thought you meant they were going head to head on live tv. Now that would be worth watching!

Thwy are both liars and that is why more and more people are voting BNP to save this country.

If Brown is promising to continue implementing Blair's policies, then the electorate already know what they are in for and an early election is unnecessary.
However, as Brown has appeared to be at loggerheads with Blair for most of the last ten years (except for being best friends for a couple of weeks or so just before general elections), it appears very likely that he will produce a very different manisfesto, about which the electorate should have a say.

I would have agreed with David Cameron ten, even five, years ago that social breakdown was our biggest challenge. I would put terrorism and nuclear proliferation at the top of my list now.

"Thwy are both liars and that is why more and more people are voting BNP to save this country."

And why should us Tories vote for a party that has been telling Labour voters "The BNP are the Labour Party your grandparents voted for"?

So why aren't I more stirred.
The leader of my Party has laid out his stall and issued a clarion cry for support. Look what great changes he will achieve once he is elected to office - look what will change
Europe - No
Taxes - No
English Parliament - No
Death Duties - No
Pension Theft - No
Hospital funding - No
Education dumbing down - No
Immigration - No

So why aren't I more stirrezzzzz?

No idea Jonathan. Why aren't you mre 'stirrezzzz'. It sounds pretty bad to me!

"Gordon Brown's clear indication that he has no indication of calling an early General Election."

This is no surprise to me at all.

Gordon Brown - despite his huge ego - clearly suffers from chronic insecurity and regular pangs of self-doubt.

He fears rejection by the electorate, very deeply.

He is not as confident as people believe him to be. And I do not expect him to be as bold in government as some (think) he will be.

It will be interesting to see what moves he tries to make to try and "break" a change when he takes over - his options are very limited.

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