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Howard's egotistical question backfired spectacularly. Having said that Blair had a big head today!

We,the Conservative's,had nothing to say at all in the PMQ programme today.We were seen as a silent Opposition led by a toothless David Cameron again.Labour,via Blair may just pull the rug from under our feet in the next few days before these elections.

I am seriously concerned for us and our near future prospects.

I agree Matthew, Blair seemed particularly arrogant this week.

Of course Blair is more arrogant now,he has been allowed to say and do anything he wanted to,especially of late.Furthermore,he is aware that he has still got zero opposition to face from us.He must actually look forward to PMQ each week.We should be killing him every chance that we get at this stage of his exitting the HoC scene.We must have done a deal with him and the rest of them in HoC the way our party fails to get him pinned down on so many things.Pitiful, and an outright embarrassment.

No enquiry re leaks, well no surprise there then.
NuLab conducts business by way of leaking, or as they say - giving unattributable advance briefings.
As others have said above, we are not scoring the points against a corrupt and riven administration, that has left its goal open to attack. What on earth will it take for the Cons to actually make NuLab blench in agony?

Each of those in the party should produce a short and detailed precis addressed to the electorate/Public saying clearly what this Government is doing,what it has done and what Blair is leaving behind for them all.This should be short,truthful and to the pointThe idea that the people are aware of all or most of this stuff will not wash because the truth is that they are mainly unaware of our situation.

Sorry my first line should have read as follows.

Each of those in Shadow Positions in the party.......

It seems to me that some member of the shadow cabinet or other calls for an inquiry into something at least once a week, may be more.

How many public inquiries would a new conservative government actually set up?

What would they achieve, apart from a lot of work for lawyers?

How many lawyers are there in the shadow cabinet?

Town Cryer seems worried at the number of lawyers in the shadow cabinet; I very much doubt if the Tories out do New Labour in that department. They always seem to have a superfluity of former human rights, employment, criminal and other publicly funded lawyers to hand not to mention the inevitable law lecturers.

Lawyers in Cabinet: 8 out of 23 (altho' you could argue there's slightly more as Blair has invented an odd category of non-Cabinet Minister allowed to attend Cabinet)

Lawyers in Shadow Cabinet: 3 out of 25

Thanks William for confirming that.

I put a lot of this country's woes down to the the predominance of lawyers in New Labour.

I put a lot of this country's woes down to the the predominance of lawyers

William Shakespeare

The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.
(2 Henry VI, 4.2.59), Butcher to Jack Cade

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