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This poll and story is a cameo for the whole of Cameron's mission. More support traded for old principles.

Fraser Nelson is wrong. Most of this extra support will be about Labour failure rather than Tory repositioning.

Surely the most telling factor is the high percentage of doctors who were unwilling to express any preference? Not surprisingly, the majority seem to have lost faith with politicians of whatever hue.

Good point Richard.

P.S. Did Fraser Nelson really write "reign in NHS spending" (instead of "rein in ...")?? The rot is spreading; he'll be "towing the line" next!

Richard W: you have missed the deft subtlety of Nelson's prose. In (the arena of) NHS spending, Labour took the tough decisions to reign.

Nelson does expose one of the difficult choices the party is going to have to make over the next couple of years:

- should it hand powers to the doctors/nurses/teachers or to the patients/parents?

It's already decided Adam for health. Doctors and nurses will get the power.

If you add the support of all 3 parties, it amounts to just 65%. I wonder who gets the rest? UKIP, BNP, Respect, Greens, old Liberals or the Stay At Home Party?

Goundless? Surely some mistake...

As long as the NHS is centrally driven by treasury targets, doctors will be disillusioned with politicians.
My colleague doctors are more likely to vote Conservative than any because they have had quite enough of Labour. What they actually want to do is a good job for patients free from goverment intervention. Patients need to receive safe, evidence-based treatments, and what is funded/ affordable needs to be decided in partnership with the wider population. This is what doctors want - this is what they feel comfortable with. They also want to be valued for the extra-ordinarily hard and demanding career choices they have made (not treated as civil servants who can be abused so easily).
Freedom for doctors/ nurses is only part of the answer, as long the accountability is where it should be - to patients and the public at a local level (see my 100 policies suggestion).

Still, surely its good news. I think our ability to reform the NHS, free from the shackles of state control and direction, into an effcient organisation is the real appeal versus a Labour Govt. that is 1960 in its attitude toward this organisation.

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