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Imagine if Labour had been honest about their 1997 pledges...

We promise to impose a tax on pensions that will cost the pensions industry £100bn by 2007...

We promise to impose the biggest tax burden in history and all by stealth...

We promise to award peerages for people who lend the Labour Party money...

We promise to send our troops to war without proper equipment...

We promise to spend more money on spin doctors than any government in history...

Absolutely disgraceful; in every way a sad indictment of politics today.

Interesting though that there is no pledge to read or indeed respond to emails...

...One of the problems with safe seats! If only there was some way of showing people in areas like this just how taken for granted they are by the Labour party. Unfortunately having spent part of my weekend in Bridgend, I doubt Carwyn Jones will have much need to say more during his 'campaign'.

Bridgend isnt a safe seat, Conservatives need 5% swing to win

Certainly sticking his neck out isn't he!!!

Yes - the full leaflet looks quite nice - well until you read all those commitments. So ambitious!

Plus his website doesnt even work now!!


My pledge to Mr Jones

I promise I will return to never having heard of you, as soon as possible

Except when you lose your seat, when I might snigger a bit, or snort inappropriately

As the race for Jones' seat tightens, the incumbent feels moved to release some extra pledges:

I promise that I'll only use photos taken from so far away that I appear as an indistinguishable dot

I promise I am not Chris Bryant [Ed: that's enough pledges, Jones]

Chris Bryant couldn't resist:

I promise that I'll change my underpants if Mr Jones keeps his seat. Seat!!! Gedditt!! Mr Blair you're the bestest prime minister we're ever able to conceive of ever having. Having!!! [sobs] [Ed: you're fired]

If the website is one for an assembly member (as opposed to a campaign site) then it wont be allowed to work during an election I would think?

I bet he'll still fail to fulfil them all.

It's even more pathetic than ex-Blairite turned Brown-sycophant, Nick Palmer MP mindlessly trolling on http://politicalbetting.com/

If I were Carwyn Jones I'd start by pledging to build a safer-looking flight of steps up that hill...

Nice one William!

It doesn't look like a manifesto to be sure. Are you sure this isn't taken out of context?

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