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Where were all the Conservative M.P.s during the second reading of English votes on English matters?dont bother answering,the question says it all

A question I would like to see:

Should David Cameron have forcd Patrick Mercer to resign after his comments on racism in the army?

Should a new conservative government have building council housing as a priority?

I'd like to see some questions that raise the issue of affordability of homes to first time buyers. The dream of home ownership is further away than ever now for many young people. It would be nice to see Cameron et al address this salient issue.

Rather than waste billions on a failed ID card scheme shouldn't the governments first priority be social/council housing which cannot be sold off. Housing i might add for UK nationals, not incomers.

Isn't it time to limit the amount of power that seemingly is being devolved to the London Mayor without proper checks and controls and balances. With a monster like Red Ken in charge, to much power is a bad thing.

The cost of the London Olympics have spiralled out of control. Is not the government atempting too much from the Olympic regeneration and development, at the expense of London ratepayers and lottery good causes. Should not NuLab be reined in along with Red Ken and the scheme properly assessed with the first priority being cost and who pays, then the future gains. If extra gain is wanted, should not the cost come from the Treasury?.

What happened to the blog awards?

1) Do people you work with expect things to be better under the Conservatives ?

2) What is the biggest impediment to a Conservative majority ?

a) inability to win in the North
b) lack of clearly defined policies
c) disaffection among Conservative activists
d) Labour scaremongering
e) Split voting with UKIP and BNP

3) Should the CPS be replaced by DAs ?

4) Should a Commonwealth Commission of Jurists review the English Judicial System to suggest improvements ?

5) Should academic ability be the basis of admission to schools

Sorry Iain - we have been very slow on the blog awards - they will still be happening...

Do you approve of Britain being a sovereign nation with no interference from any external sources and able to control its population numbers and economy through a representative legislature.

Do you think the comments on ConservativeHome are broadly representative of opinion amongst party members?

A couple of very straightfoward questions. 1) Should Britain withdraw from the EU? 2) Should we bring our troops home from Iraq as soon as practically possible?

Slightly topical considering Chris Patten's name is being floated in regards to the BBC top job; maybe a multiple choice question on what we should do with the BBC itself.

Complete privatisation, allowing advertising, allowing advertising whilst abolishing the licence tax, direct funding, the status quo etc.

I would like to see Steve Hilton's performance included in the Shadow Cabinet satisfaction ratings please.

In light of this weeks Channel 4 programme about the global warming swindle, shouldn't we be asked whether the Tory party is going to continue the myth of man made global warming for political advantage against common sense.

As of today, how closely do you think the Conservative party reflects YOUR views on:
a) grammar schools
b) the UK's relationship with the European Union
c) the tax burden and whether to reduce it or not
d) immigration (which cannot be limited from the other 26 EU countries)
e) the so-called 'Social Chapter' (which is part and parcel of our contract with the EU and cannot be opted out of selectively)
f) Lady Thatcher

Should we be committing to a policy of 'returning value to shareholders' by putting significant tax cuts ahead of further wasteful spending on unreformed public services?

Should we be wasting effort on spurious 'green' policies which will cripple economic growth with no benefit for the environment?

Should we commit to encouraging the building of a new round of nuclear power stations?

Should we commit to abandoning any investment in the EU "Galileo" satellite-tracking system and road-pricing?

When George Hinton @ 11.48 talks about the cost of the Olympics running out of control, and that 'if extra gain is wanted, should not the cost come from the Treasury?' Presumably he means should not the money come from the Treasury. Perhaps he has forgotten that ALL money that comes from the Treasury ... comes from US in the form of taxes?!!

Do you believe that human activity is a significant contributor to global warming?

Do you support the Party's new emphasis on environmental taxes?

I would be quite interested to see how active ConHome panel members are when it comes to campaigning, so perhaps a few questions regarding readers intended activity during this years LG campaign.

I would like to see questions on the following.

a) Would you support reducing the distance for qualifying for free travel to school reduced to half a mile to impact peak hour congestion?

b) Would you support rolling back the nanny state?

c) Would you support genuinely independent scientific study of "climate change"?

d) Should England leave the European Union?

e) Should it be made illegal to accept an invoice, or make a payment, to an institution required to lodge certified accounts if they have not been lodged within 12 months of the due date?

f) Should the issuing of fixed penalty notices be limited to the police?

g) Should Council Tax rises be limited to not exceed the the percentage rise in State Old Age Pension?

We would like to know the extent of your involvement in this year's Local Government Elections.

Q. Are you currently a Councillor (if a member of more than one local authority, please select first appropriate answer from the list)?
a. Yes - London Borough
b. Yes - Unitary Authority
c. Yes - County Council
d. Yes - District Council
e. Yes - Parish or Town Council
f. No

Q. Are you standing as a Candidate in this year's local government elections (if a cadidate for more than one local authority, please select first appropriate answer from the list)?
a. Yes - London Borough
b. Yes - Unitary Authority
c. Yes - County Council
d. Yes - District Council
e. Yes - Parish or Town Council
f. No

Q. Please indicate the extent of your involvement in campaigning for this year's local government elections:
a. Undertaken leafletting during 2007
b. Participated in canvassing during 2007.
c. Intend to participate in leafletting or canvassing prior to elections being called.
d. Intend to participate in leafletting or canvassing during election period.
e. Intend to offer other help (e.g. telling, committee room, driver) during election period.
f. Do not expect to be involved.

Q. Please indicate your direction of travel in respect of local government elections:
a. I am more involved than at the last local government elections in my area
b. I am less involved than at the last local government elections in my area
c. I have never been involved in previous local government elections

Q. What would encourage you to become more involved in this year's local government elections?
[free text box]

Q. What discourages you from becoming more involved in this year's local government elections?
[free text box]

Bering in mind we are hearing a lot at the moment about party workers saying they will not campign for Cameron perhaps a question along the lines of:

"At the forthcoming Local Government Elections, are you more or less willing to campaign on behalf of the Conservative party than at previous elections."

You could ask the question that my 12-year old son has just asked me:

"What would be different if the Conservatives got in?"

I found it worryingly difficult to answer.

I would agree a question about the memberships view on the climate change agenda would be interesting.

Question on Patrick Mercer please.

Something on the House of Lords options voted on last week, perhaps with separate question as to how the Conservative Party has done on the issue (by many siding with the idiotic elected options, in my view appallingly).

Do you think that comments on candidate shortlists are inappropriate before local associations have interviewed those candidates?

A question I would like to see is "Does the party have a coherent strategy to rebuild support in parts of the country where it is poorly represented".
Although I live in the South East I come from the North East. I dont see a revival in Tynemouth which was once a safe Tory seat.

Key questions to ask :

1. Should Conservatives force a Referendum on the proposed EU Constitutional Treaty ?
2. Do you approve the gerrymandering of the elections of Conservative MEPs, whereby ranking will be decided by Central Office and Conservative members disenfranchised ?
3. Should Brussels take control of the UK's Foreign Affairs, Justice and Police policies ?

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