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Happy Birthday Tim and Sam. There's no doubt the party is better for having a site like this to connect it to the grassroots, never mind what some at CCHQ might say.

Blessings upon you both and all your efforts.


Well done - this site is a huge achievement - in fact the things that worry some of us about it come as a byproduct of that success.

While much imitated (by Labour Home, Liberal Democrat Voice, or the mad parallel world that is UKIPhome) it's not been bettered, or indeed has anyone come close.

Why didn't you mention it yesterday?We could have had an excuse for some champagne!Well done chaps, marvellous site (but you already know that!)

Many happy returns. Looking forward to a great year 3.

Well done, Tim and Sam. Keep us informed. I agree with most of your views and the direction of this site.

On this occasion the name on my comment does not apply.

Best wishes.

Congratulations, well done and keep up the good work! CH has become a surprisingly important part of my day and long may it stay that way.

ONLY two? Amazing what you have acheived for democracy in such a short space of time! However does this mean we are now entering the domain of the 'terrible twos'? I wonder what you will bring to us this year....Congratulations

Two photo posts in a row!! You should rename ConservativeHome as ConservativeHello!

Congratulations Tim and Sam on your 2nd birthday! Onwards and upwards!!

Happy Birthday chaps, and many congratulations. CH is a fantastic achievement and a genuine force for the good in conservative politics.

Tim, you don't look a year younger.

Well done to you both - and thank you to the money.

ConHome sets the political blogging gold standard.

Every time I log on to LabourHome I get annoyed by its muddy layout, etc. ConHome sparkles by contrast, and is rich in content. I don't agree with every editorial word but David Cameron's praise for the site is right on the button. Long may you continue.

Congratulations. As an overseas supporter/voter living in sunny Bangkok it's good to be able to catch up with party issues from 6000 miles away
Keep up the good work

Congratulations. As an overseas supporter/voter living in sunny Bangkok it's good to be able to catch up with party issues from 6000 miles away
Keep up the good work

Congratulations and many happy returns

Pauline is right - it's this site which keeps us overseas members in touch with what is going on. Congratulations from Gib and my best wishes for the future.

What on earth did we do before your advent.
Happy Birthday.

Many happy returns of the 28th. Conservativehome.com. The perfect excuse for a dusty house!

A belated, but nevertheless happy birthday from me for Conservative Home!

It is a great site. As National Chairman of Conservative Future I have found it invaluable. I well remember how we had advertised for CF Area Chairman on our CF site for 3 months before I took over. The first decision I made was to advertise on Conservative home. We had more applicants in three days from Conservative home than in three months from Conservatives.com. And a far more diverse range of applicants.

Keep it up!!

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