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Not a creditable news story, I'm afraid.
I was with Alistair yesterday and he was recalling a story in the Express during his Downing Street days that claimed he was weeks away from leaving for a job at Manchester United. The "journalist" who wrote it later admitted he'd made the whole thing up "he was that desperate".

Ali will deny taking a knife to Brown, simply because he's going to tell the truth and let that do the damage.

I sincerely doubt that Alastair Campbell will ever be able to tell the truth about anything Robin,he's too 'psychologically flawed' for that.
Obviously I would be delighted if his Diaries cause trouble within the Labour party but very much hope that no Tory will purchase his book,we don't want to put money into the pocket of this odious and evil man.

We should hardly be surprised at the actions of Campbell, really, hands up if you weren't expecting this!

I won't be touching 'Psycho's' diaries with a barge-pole. I wouldn't wipe my arse with his 'writings' either. I want an incoming conservative govt to have a full enquiry into the Iraq war etc, and with luck 'Psycho' and 'the Liar' will both be behing bars- for a VERY long time.

I’m certainly not surprised that Campbell is, if the story is true, to publish a book. I will, however, probably disappoint Malcolm by buying it and reading it, although with a large pinch of salt as to its veracity. It’s a different angle on politics, however much you might distrust the reproduction of the lens.

Personally (and I’m not commenting on the Kelly affair here, where Government conduct was despicable, that’s important to note) I have some time for Alastair Campbell. You might disagree with him completely, but he was a tough political operator who always pulled out all the stops to get his message across and always got the job done, and that at least is something I have to have a sneaking admiration for.

With my cynical political hat on, I have sometimes wondered if the real reason so many Conservatives hated Campbell is that we didn’t have anyone nearly as good. One factor in his “legacy”, though, was the need for a new post-Campbell rule-book on media management. There are so many devices that he and other New Labour Special Advisors used so effectively and to such an extent that none of us could ever use them again. In many cases that is perhaps a good thing.

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