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So what if Brown Tories exist? Their irrationalities have no bearing on, or relevance to, our direction.

There will be lots more Brown Tories if the security situation deteriorates and Cameron keeps talking about greenery and Brown focuses on anti-terrorism.

I don't think they are particularly widespread - the trend i've noticed recently is people confessing to me, and I say confessing because they generally do it in hushed conspiratal tones, that they don't like Gordon Brown.

The people who don't like Cameron do seem to have strong feelings of inverted snobbery.

I'm not surprised by Murdoch, many aussies of his generation had a very anti view of English "Toffs", and he has supported ALP Governments. His current touchstome seems to standing firm with Bush and Howard and Cameron's less than slavish alignment with the US upsets him.

Dacre suprises me, though I can see that he would find touchy feely, green, socially liberal types less attractive than a dour presbyterian.

Both though are finding themselves getting out of touch with their readerships. The Sun was embarrassed to come across as pro-Labour as the Mirror on Thursday and I think the Brown faction there have been weakened. The Mail continues to run spoiler stories on Cameron though.

The big decision point for both is the EU "Treaty" of 2009. Brown will come under huge pressure from Murdoch and the Mail to offer a referendum - neither could foreseeably support a common EU Foreign Policy, EU competence in Home Affairs or some of the other contentious ideas. The timetable will need an agreement in early 2008 for any treaty in 2009. Brown doesn't want late 2007 and 2008 dominated by Europe on other than his preferred grounds; he'd like to cause Tories to re-play the European arguments of the 90's but we are a much more solidly eurosceptic party now.

Brown would either have to offer a referendum, knowing that Cameron would most likely win, or he could stand out against the EU, destroying his gambit of saying Cameron is isolated, or he could try to get the treaty through without a referendum and lose the support of Murdoch & Dacre and the other Brown Tories. His option on holding a spring 2009 election would go.

Tim did you know the link from the HomePage is broken (takes you to a January 27th article about Brown...)

Thanks Ben. I've now fixed the link.

It sounds to me that these so-called Brown Tories are quite obviously not Tories at all but more likely members of the Sainsbury school of nu-Labour. i.e. natural Conservatives but far too chippy to admit to it.

Whoever these people referred to by Fraser Nelson are they do not figure in the polls.

Of those who told ICM last weekend that they voted Tory in May 2005 just one person said they would support Labour with Brown in charge. Compare that with the massive 17% of May 2005 Labour voters and 23% of Lib Dems who would support Cameron's Tories now.

If the so called Brown Tories prefer Gordon (stealth taxes) Brown, let them go and join the rst of his cronies. Meanwhile let us make sue that the rest us work hard to ensure that his premiership assuming he DOES win the Labour leadership is short lived.

While some people like this do exist, they are numerically insignificant, as the opinion polls have shown.

The vast majority of people who find Cameron's toffiness a problem already vote for Labour.

The Brown Tories exist and they;re growing

Nice to see they have upset someone.

Is Ian King still Business Editor at the Sun?

I've just dug out some details of a very anti-Cameron article he wrote during the 2005 leadership election.

I assume he would have been part of the team that decided what the Sun's take on the budget would have been (alongside Rebekah Wade, George Pascoe-Watson, Trevor Kavanagh, Rupert Murdoch and Stacey (19) from Romford)?

I too doubt that the existence of many of these people. Dacre may have decent personal relations with Brown but the Mail will when it comes to the crunch support the Conservatives against Labour, period. He may try to fire the odd shot over Camerons bows 'though.
Murdoch has always put commercial considerations way above any political principles he may have. Witness his nauseating behaviour toward the Chinese leadership when he was buying the South China Morning post. He may stick the boot into DC but only if he is fairly sure the Conservatives are about to lose.
The only other 'brown Tories' I have noticed are a few of the more ridiculous commentators on this blog like 'Alex Forsyth/Mark McCartney' whose hatred of Cameron leads them to defend anybody who opposes him. These people are no loss to the Conservative party at all.

Hi Malcolm. I think you may be finding a few more.

Paul Dacre seems to have fallen for Brown just like he was seduced by Blunkett a couple of years ago.

He really must stop having crushes on these husky-voiced, northern con-artists.

Why is he so naive. Hasn't he heard the expression "once bitten twice shy"? He's going to make a fool of himself again just like he did over Blunkett.

In his book on the monarchy Jeremy Paxman tells a tale of John Major's audiences with the Queen. Whilst making small talk in the gardens of Buckingham Palace he mentioned that they were designed by 'Calamity Brown' - Her Majesty was too polite to correct him.
Brown clearly feels he is Capable but the truth is that for large parts of the economy he has been a Calamity - his approach to pensions has led to a collapse in confidence in the system and a consequent reduction in retirement savings. Arguably, he has done much more to create pensioner poverty than he has to ameliorate it - at least in the long term.
Would that not be a good slogan for the Party - 'Calamity Brown'? It is short, memorable and true.

I have been a bit of a Brown Tory in my time, mainly as a result of feeling so naffed off by Cameron's refusal to discuss low tax, immigration, Europe, etc. But when I lie down and stare at the sky, pause for thought, reflect on the bigger picture, I have to admit that I would rather have Cameron in power than Brown. And I can't wait to see the faces of our self important, pig-in-s*** local Labour councillors when they lose control of the council in May to the Conservatives. Which is why I will continue to vote Tory!

Err.. Editor, I think you will find that it was the Tories who first set the path towards abolition of the married persons allowance, indeed its phasing out was a feature of many tory budgets, a move only completed by Brown as past of his adherence to our spending plans.....

"I have been a bit of a Brown Tory in my time, mainly as a result of feeling so naffed off by Cameron's refusal to discuss low tax, immigration, Europe, etc"

That's the problem with the Tories now.

Until they change they don't get my vote. Ill vote whatever necessary to keep them out.

I've just watched a recording of the Cockerell three parter on Blair. Interesting to learn that Blair (allegedly) offered Brown a deal on the euro whereby Blair would retire after term 2 if Brown agreed that the five tests were met. Brown declined to manipulate the tests. A story that reflects badly on Blair and well on Brown.

The so-called "Brown Tories" have probably never experienced any specific personal pain as a result of this man's occupation of No 11 (e.g. the effective confiscation of £22,000 of their savings by way of a stamp duty bill), or - unlike most - are rich enough already to be in a position to shrug it off. It is not sufficient to display a theoretical understanding of economics, hard work and enterprise if the practical application of this is influenced by the socialism that Brown has clearly never discarded.

Simon - I'd feel that "Incapability Brown" preserves the original a little better (pity there isn't a Jane anywhere in the cabinet?) but my preference is still for the Clunking Fist, courtesy of Jeff Randall.

I'm sorry, El Gordo economically literate? He displays complete contempt for the Laffer Curve at every turn. He is a Fabianista who believes the key to a strong country is centralising control in his hands.

Diana Abbott said it herself.

Pick Tory - go Brownish/Green.

I first meet Fraser when he was a 'nobody'. That can no-longer be said; he's a respected political commentator, and rightly so.

The sad thing, though, is that Fraser seems to be writing stories to catch the headlines. He is, after all, a journalist.

I know many people, as an association chairman, who are against the "Cameron project". That said, I am a million percent sure that they would prefer Cameron to Brown!

Well I am canvassing hunderds of people at the moment and there is a clear message - Brown is not liked or trusted and many more people like Cameron. I think a lot do see Cameron as someone who can continue sensible reforms without returning to the percieved "uncaring money-orientated ideology" that we became unfairly associated with. Those minority of right-wing headbangers who seem to like Brown must be completely mad. The guy is completely dysfunctional and a bureaucrats dream!


I dislike Brown for everything he has done since 1997, especially for raising my taxes last week.

The only reason I could imagine disliking him more would be if I were a member of the Labour party. I just can't understand how they allowed this vain psychopath to undermine their leaders authority for a decade whilst refusing to shoulder any responsibility for major decisions like Iraq.

Murdoch isn't a Tory. He is a free market liberal.

For a start he is a republican, and republicanism and Toryism are incompatible.

I can sort of see where "Brown Tories" are coming from, but Brown's record is not a pleasant one, and so he needs to be opposed, on the basis of his record.

Sean, I agree....but whether that means that David Cameron will be a big improvement is an open question.

I am an economic liberal who doesn't want to see marriage included in the tax system, wants a generous welfare state, an economic heavyweight at Number 10 and a serious response to terror.

Who do I vote for?

This made me laugh:

"I'm sorry, El Gordo economically literate? He displays complete contempt for the Laffer Curve at every turn"

One is a prerequisite of the other; Laffer is a moonbat.

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