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Why not ask them why they were broadcasting fabricated stories to the public last weekend? No chance of this story being biased as it simply isnt true. Im sure everyone has a mountain of examples, but they must realise they are a laughing stock these days.


52. Compliance with Charter and Framework Agreements

(1) The BBC shall strictly and faithfully comply with this Charter and any Framework Agreement in force. This includes complying with requirements set out in other documents which have effect by virtue of provisions of this Charter or a Framework Agreement.
(2) Where the BBC fails to comply with paragraph (1) of this article in any respect, anyone who is aggrieved and/or adversely affected may be entitled to seek an appropriate remedy.
(3) Complaints to the BBC have an important role to play. The BBC’s complaints handling framework (including appeals to the Trust) is intended to provide appropriate, proportionate and cost effective methods of securing that the BBC complies with its obligations and that remedies are provided which are proportionate and related to any alleged non-compliance.
(4) Complaints can sometimes also be made to other bodies with regulatory and law enforcement powers such as Ofcom and the Office of Fair Trading.
(5) The courts may have an appropriate role to play in exercising judicial review according to normal principles of public law.
(6) This article does not seek to exclude any other remedy which may be available but, so far as relevant, it is the intention of this Charter that remedies
should be appropriate and proportionate to the issues at stake.


6. Sustaining citizenship and civil society
(1) In developing (and reviewing) the purpose remit for sustaining citizenship and civil society, the Trust must, amongst other things, seek to ensure that the BBC gives information about, and increases understanding of, the world through accurate and impartial news, other information, and analysis of current events and ideas.

43. Content standards
(1) The Trust must approve guidelines designed to secure appropriate standards in the content of the UK Public Services.
(2) The more specific obligations set out below are not intended to restrict the general scope of paragraph (1).
44. Accuracy and impartiality
(1) The BBC must do all it can to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality in all relevant output.
(2) In applying paragraph (1), a series of programmes may be considered as a whole.
(3) The UK Public Services must not contain any output which expresses the opinion of the BBC or of its Trust or Executive Board on current affairs or matters of public policy other than broadcasting or the provision of online services.
(4) Paragraph (3) does not apply to output which consists of—
(a) proceedings in either House of Parliament;
(b) proceedings in the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly or the Northern Ireland Assembly; or
(c) proceedings of a local authority or a committee of two or more local authorities.
(5) The Trust must—
(a) draw up and from time to time review a code giving guidance as to the rules to be
observed in connection with the application of paragraphs (1) to (4), and
(b) do all it can to secure that the code is complied with.
(6) The rules in the code must, in particular, take account of the following matters—


What seems to be lacking is the means to enforce the Charter and Agreement.

Someone seems to have loaned Swire a spine!

At least, they can be sure they will get it back when he's finished using it.

There was quite a heated debate about this story in the pub this afternoon - why the hell aren't the BBC running it as the lead item across all their news bulletins?

After all, I've lost count of the number of items I've seen on this story on ITV News and Sky News and I've heard a rumour that C4 have commissioned a 90-minute docu-drama about this clearly history-changing news.

Mark Thompson should be sacked as DG immediately and a team of experts brought in from Fox News to show the bunch of amateurs at the BBC how to run a proper fair and balanced news operation.

Oh god, another BBC bias thread. It's an obsession! And BritainAandAmerica has "Office Worker has joke picture of Bush-as-Hitler Exclusive!" I see.

Why not have a Tory Diary about the Great Global Warming Swindle on last night that completely debunked the belief that CO2 causes global warming - and which has been totally ignored by the media today?

Where shall i send my info??

Global Warming? there are special sties for people like you...... David Miliband is on top of the situation and will in fact save the world if we give gordon some more cash.

A 5 year old wouldnt fall for that


Assuming that was aimed at me.

Actually I agree with the 'Great Global Warming Swindle' - I dont think Global warming is man made.

The clue was my comment "(it) completely debunked the belief that CO2 causes global warming".

Mr Swire has risen in my estimation for this quote. He clearly has courage.


Mr Editor; do you know if Hugo Swire intends to raise this issue in the Commons? We need to shame the BBC into being accountable.

Or seek a judicial review? See above, Para 52(5) in the Charter.

The BBC regard Aitken as an embitterd ex-hack employee, and will not deign to discuss the matter.
Swire needs to raise the whole question of BBC impartiality in the house, as it is a disgrace. He wouldn't get anywhere as it suits the purpose of NuLab to have an ally in the war against the opposition, who are whole-heartedly anti-Tory.
The BEEB needs top down cleansing.

Who will play Hercules to the Beeb's Augean Stable?.

I don't know Jennifer (07:40) - I'll ask him...

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