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Why are there no comments here?
Which of them are turn coates?

There's no business like Coates business?

Separating the cheap from the Coates?

will the real sam coates please stand up?

When the Coates come in?

I see that one is a typically stiff, over-young, badly-dressed Tory boy.

And the other writes for this website.

Shocking puns on here. Time to get your coates.

Andrew Woodman: fair comment, but I might as well be hanged for a sheep as a Coates

And who said political sites like this were only for *ahem* anoraks?

Does either Sam write their articles on a *ahem* Macintosh?

These puns are getting increasingly laboured so I think I'd better, um, jack-it in...

Row, row, row your coates, gently round the bend.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, there are far too many syllables in this line until it comes to an end.

PS: usual disgusting muck from DVA, I see.

seeing double after just a couple of glasses of Cotes du Rhone, trouble with cheap wine.

Coates was a famous Lancashire company ----- spinning yarns!

A certain Mr. Coates is quite a cutie!

You tart, Justin!

Where's the Patons to go with the Coats.

Which Sam Coates has registered all the domains ?

Not me TomTom, although I got a good Gmail address! Girls at school tended to avoid the cheesy world of puns and go for the simpler "Sam Jackets".

My names Sam Coates! Seriously it is :L

My name is also Sam Coates. I also know of another Sam Coates that lives half a mile down the road. That's all I have to say about that at the moment.

my name is also sam coates, from hull,and i'm gonna start writing when i finish deep sea diving,

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