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Good points by cameron, blair has acted in a presidential manner on so many issues, he needs to realise the country elect an mp, party and government not a single person

Blair blithered blathered and evaded key questions as usual. Hardly the most cultured performance!

Prescott is such a wag.
A clear demonstration, if one is needed, that B-Liar is in the skids.

Cameron asked for Labour MPs to put their hands up if they thought they would have more say in the Cabinet under Gordon Brown. A grinning Prescott was the only one to oblige.

Since Prescott isn't going to be in the next Cabinet, that's a pretty damning confession as to how much influence he's got at the moment....

They didn't mention Prescott putting his hand up on 5Live. That's fantastic - hardly a ringing endorsement from Blair's deputy, is it?!

Surely the way the Speaker gets away with letting Blair avoid answering questions with party Punch and Judy stuff needs highlighting. This is the sort of government we would expect in Zimbabwee. Why it has gone on so long without the Tories making a big deal out of it I don't understand. It's important to providing most of Blair's, and NuLab's, credability.

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