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Liam Fox is right to highlight energy security. I can think of few worse scenarios than being completely dependent on Putin's Russia for our energy supplies

I see Iain Dale has highlighted Hague's attack on Brown's pension raid. If Brown really has cost pension funds £100 billion we should be shouting it from the rooftops.

What does all this NHS stuff mean from Osborne? The danger is that it looks a lot like Tories saying Labour isn't spending enough.

"Reform of multilateral institutions EU, NATO and the UN"

NATO could certainly be reformed, but how, with what objective in mind? Reform of the EU is a non-starter, as Hague knows very well - it could only be replaced by a completely new organisation with a new and very different founding treaty. The UN - well, what reform does he have in mind?

A clear definition, if that is possible, of a better Health Service, might be a start. Maybe the statement of fact that the NHS never has nor never will provide everything for everybody would be a start, bit of a vote loser, but there you go that's the problem with the truth. ;)

Spring Conference with its associated costs, or deliver the last of my pre-election "In Touch" and then tidy my garden up.....bit of a "no brainer" really.

PS I did think of going over to the Fairfield & Howley Ward to get our paper candidate's nomination paper signed, but somehow I couldn't summon up the courage.....maybe I should get our new PPC to do it when they are announced....shortly, call it a bit of "on the job" training. :D

Anyway I hope the Conference proves worthwhile, and a good time is had by all. I look forward to reading a continuation of the notes.

I liked Hagues' speech but wonder whether it will lead to more bleating from self pitying American neo cons that his call for 'honest criticism' is another example of the Conservative party adopting 'rampant anti- Americanism'.
Osbornes speech in contrast was a disappointment to me. I thought it lightweight and now more than a year after becoming shadow chancellor I would expect a little meat on the bones of our intended policies.


Ed, I'm not quite sure what you mean here. Its certainly not a very complimentary way to refer to the environment... particularly given its role (and not Liam Fox's hawkishness) in transforming the image of the party.


We really do need to back off from the "vote blue get green" eco-nonsense: truth is that in your ordinary discussion lunchtime in the staff restaurant or down the pub in the evening the 'green' stuff never gets mentioned. People just aren't fretting about it. What concerns them are issues like increases in [council] tax, diesel/gas/electricty/heating-oil prices, the local council stopping their weekly rubbish collections, graffiti, aggressive beggars in the local town centre, cutbacks in opening-hours of the local police contact-point...

Until we 'get real' and address the concerns of ordinary voters - specially those in rural areas - we can't in any way trust the supposed lead we have in the opinion-polls to come true at an actual General Election.

On Wednesday there was a dead hawk outside my door. I kid you not.

Wouldnt it make more sense to highlight the massive cuts in spending that have to follow 10 years binging. Better to show why and how the cuts are needed BEFORE we have to sort it out.

Tanuki - u r spot on, but we SHOULD be more worried about the climate its our fault....... dont worry

"On Wednesday there was a dead hawk outside my door. I kid you not."

Did you cook it?

What grittier messages on Europe, Ed?

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