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A decent, proportionate and good-humoured response from Nelson Mandela - typical of the man.

Mandela should be flattered - fancy dress is fancy dress and Purim is light-hearted celebration of surviving death threats from Persians........

We must allow some sense of joy and frivolity in this increasingly neurotic country, at least before Falconer empties the prisons and puts the innocent in labour camps

Good on Mandela - history will be very kind to him.

One wonders what would have happened if it was a black person whitening his face. Probably nothing.

Richard that is cruel at a time when poor Michael Jackson is in hospital in las Vegas with "pneumonia"

Yeah! Where does that leave Lennie Henry???

Lenny Henry is hospital too, Annabel. His wife, Dawn French, jumped on him. Ouch!

Did Lenny Henry turn white with anger when that happened?

The real point here of course is that the rabid "anti racist" left (who are never quite so anti racist when it comes to anti semitism) try so very hard to find offense where there isn't really any and where any BME person, who isn't also signed up to the left wing false narrative of victimhood and permanent offense, doesn't see it either. It really is time to call a halt to the politically correct perversion of free speech and the right to have a sense of humour. Shame that our leadership fails to see this too.

Great to see the Lib Dem's dirty tricks failing so publicly. An equally great response from Mandela, further highlighting his true class.

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