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About time too,well said.

I still think he will hang on, glassy eyed, hysterically spouting statistics, hair stood on end, arms waving, until the summer.
The man has too much to lose to capitulate.

Those that remember how Tony Blair goaded John Major at PMQs before the Tories 1997 election defeat, will I hope agree with me that David Cameron gives Mr Blair a similar lashing. I'm sure compassionate and caring Mr Cameron won't of course, but it would be nice all the same!

I quite agree with you Annabel!

The reason that Blair doesn't leave Downing St is because his head won't fit through the door. He is a PM with an ego the size of Britain.

Blair must have plenty of skeletons in cupboards we don't even know about . After he is gone there will be a great turmoil of investigation into everything he and his gang have done and he won't be able to head off the hounds or supress the evidence .

- THAT is why he will hang on forever .

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