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Another day, another agenda set by ConservativeHome!

Having watched Cockerell's first programme on the PM last night, I would say that writing to the Cabinet Secretary will probably achieve diddly squat.

Blair and Powell do what they like, when they like, how they like, with blithe disregard for rules of conduct.

The only reason I didn't sign up to the petition was precisely because I didn't want my email in their grubby little paws - although I'm probably being desperately naive here, as it is probably already on a database via different (and covert) means.

Mr Grayling's letter is a convenient cover for the fact that he supports road pricing and would not have signed the petition.

London's traffic is back to pre-congestion charge levels. It is no more than another motoring tax.

Surely the Information Commissioner would be the first port of call for this request and not the Cabinet Secretary?

Are there any data protection safeguards at all?

Those who initiate petitions ought to ask those signing to send an additional email to them, and so get a data base for themselves. Control of such a data base would give them immense power.

There are protections Andrew. The database is held by a private charity and no more than two communications are allowed.

More details here: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/privacy

How the Government uses information about us - be it entries on the Transport for London Oyster database to the serial numbers on our ballot papers - worries me greatly.

I signed the petition no doubt like most ConHome readers, but it is worrying!

Well done to Tim et al for getting this issue into the mainstream of debate.

Thanks Editor. So the Blair response is 1 of the 2. I wonder what the second will be.

Clearly we all need to keep an eye on this so if any Labour propoganda is sent out, the recipient can order a trace from the Data Protection commision.

I agree with you sjm @ 12.05, about the Cockrell programme last night, and the didly squat as well!

I did sign two petitions the ID and the EU referendum ones, and I had a long 'personal' email reply from Tony Blair - sic, on the subject of ID cards. There was also an email response to the EU referendum petition signature, with a link to another website, which I haven't accessed yet.

I shall still sign petitions that I think are important, and I am sure it is perfectly possible for email addresses to be 'acquired' by less than scrupulous 'persons'!

Well Blair's response to my petition entry went straight into the junk box and had to be rescued for a rude answer.

Chris Grayling raises an important point, given the manner in which NuLab operate, crossing the grey lines of government and party with impunity, we do need to gaion assurances that the mailing list of 1.8m E-mail addresses is not abused.

Grayling would do well to seek the comments of the Data Protection Commissioner, and ask him to put No 10 on warning about the use of such data for political campaigning.

Oh for goodness' sake.

Tom Steinberg has already told you; mySociety runs the sodding thing!

Will you people stop barking at the moon!


You mention that a Charity has the E-Mail addresses. Surely though the No10 site gives the impression of being an official site going with the job of being PM, it has a gov.org address.
Given the ruckus with another charity of NuLab the Smith (Sith)Institute, this sort of abuse should be sat on.
Would it not be mis-representaion to suggest that you are e-mailing the PM with a petition when in fact you are going to an "independant charity"...alleged.
Legal action? Any thoughts on this?

The charity running it is the same that runs theyworkforyou.com.

I'm calling on all you good people to boycott No. 10's e-petition site, nice, straight, and simple.

I agree with those saying we should boycott the NO.10 petitions. Personally I haven`t signed any of them.
We really shouldn`t fall for New Labour stunts!

Mr Blair's reply popped up in my JunkMail box...where it belongs! It was far too long for me to be bothered to read it anyway.

Along similar lines (and as I posted recently), I found a copy of the Chancellor's Pre-Budget Report in my local doctor's surgery.
The Practice Manager needed no great persuasion to remove it.
The Report read like a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour party and bore little ressemblance to the high tax economy we actually live in.

I turned up at a Tube station ticket window with a £20 note and asked for an oyster card and got one worth £17 (£3 for administration). No forms no records, completely anonymous. You should try it.

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