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Good luck to Jeremy Middleton - I don't know anything about his politics, but he is the only person to regularly 'report back' to Assn. chairman. From what I understand, he also does a marvellous job flying the flag up in the North East - arguably one of the most challenging areas in the UK for the Conservatives.

I wonder if you'll get lots of posts in favour of Emma Pidding this year!

Well my vote will go to Richard Robinson. Great guy. Would be a real asset to the board.

Great to see Don as Chairman yet again.

Many congratulations to Don Porter.

For the convention, good luck to Richard Robinson and Emma Pidding. Two superb candidates with a a long and established record of campaigning and supporting the grassroots of the Party.

James Cutts: you have three votes!!!!

Emma Pidding, on this site, declared her support for Michael Howard's proposal to take away the members' vote in the leadership election. Shame on her!

Many congratulations to Don Porter, always good to see someone from Macclesfield in a senior position!

Also good luck to Richard Robinson who would be a real asset to the board. The only candidate who has been up to help out in Pendle!

Emma Pidding and Jeremy for VP....simply the best two.

Suggested questions:

What did the National Convention achieve in the last 12 months? What will you make it do in the next?

With 4 excellent candidates for 3 positions, unfortunately there has to be one person who will be disappointed. I just hope its not Charles Barwell.

Charles works tirelessly for the Party and even came to Colne Valley to support me in 2005. His commitment to turn the Midlands 'blue' is beyond doubt and I am sure his work ethos will benefit and be a great asset the Party as a Board Member.

For Vice President.....

Emma Pidding
Jeremy Middleton
Charles Barwell

Richard, sorry you just don’t cut the mustard, you seem to be just talking around some issues in your web site... In my view I don’t think you have any idea about how you will go about achieving your pledges.

I agree with Maggie. Charles is one of the best people I can think of for this job. He is tireless in his efforts and absolutely dedicated to the Party. His experience in business and fresh approach will benefit the board tremendously.

I have to say that I only really know anything of two of the candidates- Emma Pidding and Charles Barwell. They both seem well suited to the role and would bring varying, yet useful, qualities to the role. Good luck to both of them!

I'm sure that the best candidates for VP would be Charles Barwell, Emma Pidding and Jeremy Middleton

Jeremy Middleton has been putting a great deal of useful work into the Membership Committee over the last year - he has the equivalent of several Everests to climb, but he keeps going, and somehow keeps his temper.

I agree with the Deputy Editor - the lack of interest in running for positions is disappointing. The solution to me would be to hold the vote for National Convention at the Party Conference.

Also, does the National Convention vote factionalise? Do National Convention delegates caucus and vote as a bloc and follow a ticket? If so, what is the basis of the factional divide?

If there are 625 constituency chairmen making up the bulk of the vote, and I wanted to make sure I had the numbers, I'd make sure I had some friendly Scots on side, and get them to take on chairmanships for non-existent associations in hard-luck seats in the Central Belt, just to get the vote for Convention.

One of my votes will certainly go to Charles Barwell. He was an exceptional Area officer during the last election - He brought in troops of new younger helpers, gave wise advice, and we had a laugh or too as well. Charles works tirelessly for the party. Since the 2005 election Charles has continued to put the issues of all the Cities north of London firmly on the Conservative Map. To win the next General Election we need to win a belt of seats across the Midlands and northwards. It is about time the Midlands were firmly represented on the Board and Charles is the man to do it.

It seems from the comments above that all four candidates are of high standard. The difficulty for members of the Convention is that they know some of the candidates better than others, as they are from different regions. People will tend to vote for those from their own regions all things being equal.

Richard Robinson has so much experience at all levels of the party. A YC from 1968 through to today - a lifetime of service to the Party.

In addition to his tireless work with local Associations, Richard has been very supportive of Conservative Future in the South-East where he is Deputy Regional Chairman.

To quote Richard, "Grassroots party members deserve a strong voice on the Board of the Party." Richard would be this strong voice as Vice-President of the Convention and, without hesitation, has my support.

I think Richard in my opinion will be a disaster. Says the right thing, but does the opposite.

Deputy Editor, any reason you took off the National Convention List off the site??? were you breaking any laws? and finally who passed it on to you?

Emma Pidding and Jeremy Middleton for Vice President! I will consider Charles.

Definitely NOT Richard, as in my opinion he just wants to get on the band wagon.

Emma Pidding Jeremy Middleton and Charles B for Vice President.

As for Richard, I really dont think so, what a disater that will be.

VJ: We took the list off after an indirect request from CCHQ.

I have seen Jeremy, Emma and Charles in action and have been very impressed with the vigour they have put into everything they have done. I am particularly keen to seen Charles elected as we have worked together on a number of initatives and I believe his broad vision and great drive is exactly what is required.

Jeremy Middleton to Vice President, all others I dont know about.

Congratulations to Don and Simon on being elected unopposed to their respective positions. Best of luck to Richard Robinson and Emma Pidding in the elections for the Party Board. Emma has served with distinction over the past year and Richard has been an outstanding team-player in the South East region over many years. Both deserve to win. Good luck!

Sadly, I don't have a vote, but if I did I'd be voting for Jeremy Middleton and Richard Robinson. Both of them have been extremely supportive of CF and would continue to be so on the Board.

Jeremy for Vice President.

Jeremy Middleton & Emma Pidding defenitely get my vote.

My vote goes to Emma Pidding & Jeremy Middleton. We seem to have some excellent new candidates in Charles Barwell and Richard. I wish them well.

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