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Spot the man in control

Terms for LibDem-Con coalition unveiled

Wallace and Vomit!

@Graeme Archer

A sidecar named desire...schlurrrrrrp

Is that a Harley David's on?

Twin Cam

Cameron joins another Bandwagon

No helmet=law breaker?

Electral Glide in Blue?

Just because I now use a bike, it doesn't mean I can't have a chauffeur.

Do I have to be Batman to support bat conservation?

Next stop, number 10!

This is like the old man who tries to be cool by using youth language or the Dad who gets drunk off his face but still tries to dance at his daughter's wedding party. Its cringe-worthy...

Did I tell you that I was Davis' campaign manager for the leadership?

Christ on a bike!

Our leader, the man with his hands on the controls.
Which way now Dave?

Did no-one tell him that only a right dick (sic) rides in a sidecar?

Power-assisted Phallocracy

@Graeme Archer

A sidecar named desire...schlurrrrrrp

Huh? I feel a bit of an idiot that I don't geddit, but can someone explain please? Once I understand it, perhaps I'll understand why it's @ me...

"Davey Davey Give me your answer do"

This is a spoof!! DC isnt in that side car at all.

Portillistas unveil gay replacements for the Two Fat Ladies.

Home Jeeves.

Nice to see DC showing his true position for once....on the left.

Driven by Reds


When somebody mentioned that Charles Kennedy had joined the AA, DC was quick to respond.

This'll be fine for transporting the Parliamentary Party after the General Election!

1. They told me that a Steib was a teddy bear.
2. "Elementary, my dear Watsonian"

... both of which are wholly unintelligible unless you happened to be as old a git as me and thus able to recall the names of erstwhile sidecar manufacturers!

3. Steve Hilton at the controls

What do you mean have I ever heard of Richard Hammond?

Do my policies look big in this?

No crash helmet for Dave ,despite Steve setting the party on a coalition course.

Gottle of geer.

This button jettisons the leader!

Try out for the General Election - Conservative Spin

Indeed it is as gay as it looks.

Cameron joins UKIP battle wagon (Watch as the wheels fall off!)

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