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Sorry this is off topic but if anyone fancies a good belly laugh then check out:

(Hat Tip to Harry's Place)

It would be very good if Northern Irish unionists could vote for a unionist non-sectarian party - doubt there's much chance but normalisation and real unionism is better served if Northern Ireland has real British representation rather than the separateness it currently displays.

Having been at the Party Conference where Northern Ireland was "allowed" to become part of the party, it is about time there was more encouragement for the constituency organisations there

Instead of taking the 2009 and 2011 conferences to Manchester [copying Labour again!!] why not Belfast or Londonderry

It's still very early days but I think there is reasonable scope to do some vote-harvesting in Australia for the next GE. The Italian last year was very close, and expat votes in Australia played a big role (one in twenty Australians is of Italian extraction).

I've read in the past that the British Labour Party has had branches in Australia but I don't know if they still exist, or if they do, whether they are active. Australian correspondents for UK media outlets that I've had contact with don't seem to be aware of them.

If this is the case, it will make things a little easier for us. The US parties are also represented in Australia.

There's only one Unionist party worth supporting in NI and that's the DUP.

The "Conservative Party" of NI is a pathetic joke.

Cameron might just squeeze into a portaloo with the entire membership. Let's hope someone locks them in.

It should be about the quality of your school,

Funny that...Peter Hain just imposed unilaterally the destruction of Grammar Schools in Northern Ireland and the Conservatives are stumm no doubt because they favour the imposition of Comprehensive Schools in place of Grammar Schools.

The comment from ToryFaithful about the Party conference coming to Belfast is one that should be welcomed. We have fabulous conference facilities in the Waterfront Hall - indeed voted one of the finest conference facilities in the world. Plus loads of low-cost connections to our two airports from regional airports across the UK. So please Party faitful, help us really get the Party motoring here. Lobby for Belfast 2009!

An excellent idea, fantastic facilities plenty of accomodation (never mind the pubs and restaurants)great access for all over the UK by air and ferry.

What a boost it would be for real politics and the local Tories in Northern Ireland who often struggle against the current tribal parties, who are so set angainst oppostion from the Tories. Particlarly the DUP who are in reality Northern Ireland Nationalists not Unionists.


You are talking rubbish!

Quote from Currrent NI election campaign by J Leslie N. Down.

"Conservatives support the retention of Grammar Schools in Northern Ireland, and the development of an improved transfer system for pupils."

Yes TOMTOM you are indeed misinformed. The Conservative Party opposed Labour's Education Order (NI) in both Houses and both David Cameron, and the Shadow Secretary for NI David Lidington have made public statements condemning Labours vindictive plans for scrapping academic selection here. Conservatives in Northern Ireland were among the leading opponents of the Education Order - indeed I sit on the steering committee of the main lobby group opposed to the ending of Academic Selection. Conservatives also organised a briefing for Peers in the House of Lords urging them to vote against the Order. However because LibDem peers voted with the government the Order was pushed through. If we send elected reps to the Assembly - such as James Leslie - we'll do everything we can to protect our grammar schools and academic selection.

Northern Ireland provides the United Kingdom with 11 of the Top 100 Best Performing Schools at GCSE and A Level. And none is fee-paying - unlike many of the other 89.

Don't know enough about this really, but would you not be better talking to the UUP about the future?

Running as something like 'Conservative and Ulster Unionist' in a similar way to the 'Conservative and Unionist' tag the Scottish Tories use.

Best of luck to our friends and colleagues in the N.I. Conservative Party. I cannot travel to N.I. to help you, but I'm more than happy to go to the call centre in Westminster and call voters in key constituencies like North Downs. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Think most people would rather be in Belfast than Blackpool :-)


....And perhaps some Tories in the SW would be better talking to the Lib Dems and running as Liberal Conservatives...

Get a grip.

BTW, their only MP, Sylvia Hermon, votes for Labour so go figure

Why should unionists in Ulster vote Conservative? The Conservatives since Heath have shown no real understanding of Northern Ireland and have always been ready to sell-out the unionist population. It may sound paradoxical but it would be better for unionism if the unionists in Ulster continued to vote for native parties such as the UUP because they are more likely to stand up for unionism than a local branch of the Conservative Party would be.

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