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(.......Blair managed to get a few laughs, but even he started to sound bored of his routine of side-stepping questions by talking about continuing to invest in public services and about the terrible record of the Tory government that preceded him.....)

I'm surprised he continues to do this as it seems to provoke such a strong negative response on 'The Daily Politics' reaction line. Presumably in the world beyond TV programs for political enthusiasts the negative response is as strong or stronger.

As I understand it Shilpa Shetty is planning to move to the UK, the BJP have apparently been trying to get her support, who knows though - maybe she wants to become an MP in the UK? Or maybe she was just curious - along with possibly starring with Hugh Grant it's sounding a bit like Notting Hill.

So far as Tony Blair's successor goes, I think Menzies Campbell probably played that better focusing more specifically on Tony Blair's pledge to serve a full term, any call for Gordon Brown to become leader sooner is just wide open to Tony Blair saying that he is only one MP and repeating what he has already said, in fact it's not really worth using a whole question on, mentioning yes, as for a mandate of an election the Conservative Party could be perceived as being hypocritical given that one Prime Minister was effectively removed in office by the party and her successor continued for 1.5 years before calling a General Election and IDS being removed 2 years into the last parliament and replaced by Michael Howard without a vote - the first leader of the 3 main parties to face no vote to achieve the leadership since Alec Douglas Home.

What about proposed House of Lords reforms which didn't appear to get a mention, rather than a difference of 2 or 3 months or so in Tony Blair's leadership if he went now rather than in May or June as Labour leader.

What is Keith Vaz's connection to the lovely Shilpa? He brought up CBB racism in the house at the time.

No doubt all of us hetero males would love the chance to host such a lovely lady, even for something as hum drum as PMQs. Which raises the question. Is he abusing his position ???? ;)

As regards the blue on blue incident, this not being the first such incident, but one in which our so-called allies have been very reticent to assist in the inquiry, perhaps we need to up the anti a little bit and squeeze Blair and Bush into a corner.
The video tape clearly states one of the pilots commenting on the orange ID panels, yet, notwithsatnding the doubt makes two attacking passes. Control also seemed to be initially at error in stating no coaltion forces in the vicinity.
Given the contradictions, and that the coroner has had no access to the alleged US enquiry, we should seek the extradition of the 2 Idaho Air Natioanl Guard pilots, and all paperwork relating to any alleged enquiry to the UK. The pilots can then attend the coroner's court, answer questions directly, without any lawyers restricting response and then they can be arrested, then charged with manslaughter.
It would certainly test the extradition treaty and the willingness of the colonials to assist an ally and treat us as equals.
Refusal of course is Blair's fault.
A win win for the Conservatives on many fronts.

George, I completely agree with you.

But we know full well that Blair has never stood up to the Americans on anything. He certainly isn't going to start now.

Even if he did, the response from the Americans would be simple. "No".

"we should seek the extradition of the 2 Idaho Air Natioanl Guard pilots"

Do our courts have jurisdiction over events that took place in foreign lands? If not, it would come down to the Iraqi legal system or the ICC. America certainly doesn’t recognise the later, and I doubt it cares much for the former either.

Then there's the issue of that messy one-sided extradition treaty we have with the USA...

Reading the transcript of the pilots' conversations I think they were if a very difficult position- they clearly saw the orange but were put in doubt as to whether it was a sign of a coalition vehicle by their controller's insistence that there were no friendly vehicles in their area. They both sought confirmation of the position from control rather than taking the info at first. I've no idea what the protocols in place were, but it would seem to be unnecessarily harsh in the circumstances to make them the scapegoats for what was obviously a more serious intelligence failure in the organisation of the operation.

the legacy: a comedy of terrors
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The work's title, subject matter and its reasonance with the public are obvious, but it is absolutely bulging with handy quotables and chic wisdom as well.
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Keith Vaz abusing his position? Don't be such a killjoy Serf. You're just jealous and he is surely allowed to entertain beautiful women if he wants. Mind you he is a bit of a celebrity hound. On another occasion he had Charlie Chan for lunch.

Grab your handy quotables and chic wisdom now!

No, I don't think I will, "blin". That's at least the third time I've read that from you - if you want to advertise on here, at least help give Tim some income at the same time.

There is a link to MessageSpace on the left-hand side-bar of this page.

Off Message

You are right I am jealous. I also have a sly respect for abuse of power that involves pretty woman, fast cars and illegal substances. Its a lot more interesting than party fundraising ;)

The blue on blue investigation was worthy of 2 questions not three. I found Cameron to be off this week. For the love of God, Cameron, stick to the issues. Theres plenty to attack without having to refer to Gordon Brown. He can wait his turn in line.

Keith Vaz polishes his image in Leicester and India - Self-Serving Babu

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