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The damage being done to the Labour Party is bad enough, but the longer that this enquiry continues the more the reputation og Great Britain will become sullied, now I don't have much of a grouse with them, but for everyone's sake it would be better if the Blair's left Downing Street A.S.A.P.

Please stay Tony, The Tories need you!

Curly,let's hope the Bliars remove themselves completely out of the country.

Perhaps a whip round for one ways to Iraq or Afganistan?

Curly, I disagree with you.The cash for peerages debacle does not harm the reputation of 'Great Britain' (I think you mean the UK),the responsibility lies with Blair and his coterie of cronies.The damage to reputations is theirs and only theirs.
It is for that reason that I'm quite ambivalent as to whether Blair stays or goes. If he is guilty, and I suspect he is, I would rather like him to still be the PM when charges are brought.A tawdry end to the tawdry new Labour project.
I suspect Cameron and Fox feel the same as they must know that calls from the Conservatives for him to step down make it much less likely that he will do so.

Malcolm, you are of course quite correct, it would be a lot more "entertaining" if Blair was still in office at the time when charges are brought, however it would be a very sad reflection on British politics, and would be seen as such outside of the U.K. An honourable man would step aside before circumstances overtook him.
As far as the Blair's income and property deals are concerned, perhaps they might like to market a new Celebrity Monopoly game, or sell the rights to T.V?

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