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it cuts off after a few secondds .. cant get it work properly.

Seemed to work fine when I looked at it. Nice one.

Are you on dial up, Ash? I'm sorry you're having problems.

It is a very good advert indeed! Perhaps a little bit too long though - but that depends where you will be showing it I suppose.

Mainly on the internet Chris.

We'll make many of them shorter in future...

No-one going to mention my starring role? :D

I enjoyed it, but what was Cherie Blair doing with a lib-dem rosette on? :-)

Starts then stops after 10-s.
Can I get another download source?
Very Frustrating - I voted for this one and have been waiting for the result.

Starring role reads fleeting glimpse Sam!

Need to sort the video streaming out. I'm on 1MB broadband and like others have mentioned it kept stopping every few seconds. Most people will give up.

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