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MEPs should put weekly reports online and use YouTube type messsages to introduce themselves.

Their Websites should have a complete listing of their diaries and attendance

Excellent!! There is no place to hide in the internet age.

This sounds like an excellent idea

Sean Gabb's candidlist campaign put the fear of God into Eurofanatic Westminster wannabees.

Let's hope this does the same.

Perhaps the new site would like to link to my blog 'The Srasbourg Cesspit' which since January 2004 has been debating, among other rotten aspects of the EU, MEP selection and their excesses inside the system. It can be found on this site:


I welcome the site and hope that they try and stick to a focus on facts and the voting record of each MEP. That way the site can become credible. It must minimise the focus on opinions of the MEPs views.

I believe that the facts will sort out who are the MEPs that vote in accordance with party principles.

Maybe the debate/chat should be on what exactly those principles are for MEPs?

I note that this new site MEPWatch is "not affiliated to the EPP". Surely this will lead to a massive loss of influence, side-lining, missing the bus, being in the back of the queue at the restaurant etc. etc.?

Yes, very good William!

Is Raymond Monbiot related to the infamous George Moonbat of 'The Independent'(not)?

He is his father, TLC.

This has broadly to be welcomed, but with one caveat. As well as monitoring our MEP's performance in Brussels/Strasbourg and the passage of interfering, federalist and downright stupid legislation; I hope that equal coverage will apply to the good work done, especially in constituencies/regions.

A classic example is Jonathan Evans, with whom I am sure I could find plenty to disagree about on EU. However, he is one of the hardest working people in politics, covers a massive area as Wales' sole sane MEP, gives real support to candidates at all elections and is top of the list of people I would want on my side in a fix.

Welsh tory activists are predominantly very eurosceptic, and Jonathan markedly not so, but he will always top their list on merit.

It is also important to compile a list of the true views of candidates. This may be more difficult in some cases as they may not have a track record. Unless we know enough about all the candidates, selection becomes very difficult.

Good luck with this chaps.I hope it is as effective as your 'Reinstate Roger' campaign.

Obviously how they vote is important, but 99% plus of the time they're not voting, and what they say and do during that time is even more important.

Monbiot Sr used to be MD of Campbell's Soups here...........no doubt he stuffed young Georgie full off Condensed Soup until the little chap started looking for wild organic mushrooms for his own soups..........the rest of the psychotic journey is history

"I hope that equal coverage will apply to the good work done, especially in constituencies/regions."

MEP Watch will publish all details of our MEPs, not just their views on European Issues, but there media profile and the work that they do for the Conservative Party and their constituents.

"I hope that equal coverage will apply to the good work done, especially in constituencies/regions."

MEP Watch will publish all details of our MEPs work, not just their views on European issues, also their media profile and the work they do for the Conservative Party as a whole and their constituents.

I do not support this group. MEPs should be ranked according to the work they do for their constituents. Chris Palmer and Andrew Woodman are fanatical euro-sceptics who believe that MEPs who do not sign up to THEIR agenda should be de-selected. This site has very little to do with internal party democracy but a good old-fashioned witchhunt!

HF @ 09.13 - I agree with you 100%! I wish this new site well provided it focuses on the work record of each MEP and does not degenerate into a doctrinaire "witch hunt"! Who runs the site by the way?

Justin, do you disagree with the selection process suggested? I struggle to see how anyone could object to it.

I am reminded of Guido's immortal words - if you want to complain that it is biased, get your own unbiased blog.

From first appearances, and as you'd expect from a campaigning site, this one does look biased - but I can't be bothered to build my own so I can hardly complain.

Justin, as a general rule the most useful thing a British MEP could ever do for his or her constituents would be to tell them the unvarnished truth about the EU.

Its not all about BOO - I realise than the EUphobes/BOO want all our MEPs to be anti-EU but that is not the position of the majority of the party. Yes we want to reduce EU interference, reduce the areas of competence outside of free trade.
I will judge my MEPs on how well they have served my interests & those of the UK. That might mean that they have successfully got a change to a proposal that emiliorates its bad effects or even they introduce a change that uses EU competence to our advantage. If they are proposing a federalist agenda, supporting enhanced EU competence in taxation, defence or foreigb affairs I'd mark themm down, if they have worked (through EPP if required) to get a regultion crafted that betters my interests then I'd mark them up.

I suspect the views of the site's creators will probably influence how the site holds our MEPs to account, but that may not be a bad thing.

My concern is that our MEPs should reflect the broad range of opinion on the European Union within the Conservative Party and not become dominated by MEPs at either extreme of the spectrum of opinion, and if this site is just a vehicle by which the BetterOffOut agenda will be surreptitiously foisted upon the party at European level, then I'm afraid I cannot support it.

Before the mindless heckling from the usual quarter begins, let me point out that I recognise that euroscepticism is the prevailing mood within the ranks of the party and agree that the selection of our MEPs should reflect this, but there are varying shades of euroscepticism to be considered, from moderate 'reformists' like myself to extremist 'withdrawalists', and the minority within the party who are still europhile 'integrationists' should also be represented as well.

Excellent postings from DV-A and Ted.

I'm a moderate euro-sceptic. I'm against the EU Constitution in its current form, am opposed to the single currency for the time being (although not in principle), think Europe should do less and do things better and believe we should sit with our centre-right sister parties in the EU Parliament. I would abolish the EU Commission and strengthen the elected Parliament. I would never support BOO.

Re my earlier comment - sorry Richard, Chris and Andrew - I didn't read properly that it was your website! Well you've had tons of experience with the Roger Helmer website so best of luck with this one - but "keep it clean" won't you?!!

Justin, I'm shocked at your lack of support!!! We will welcome all views on MEP's and if you don't want to support the campiagn, then there will be no counter views.

Some of these comments would be very amusing, if they didn't reveal such a frightening lack of understanding of the fundamental nature of the EU project.

We're talking about a solemn commitment to the principle of "ever closer union" here, a relentless, inexorable, irreversible process which was legally enshrined in the treaties with the intention that it would lead to a European federation.

A little bit of "ameloriation" here and there won't alter that fact.

Why do some people want to be members of a club whose aims and rules they wish to alter?

'Hey, I'm signing up to your Tennis Club in Somerset, now I want it to be mainly about Football and to be sited in Essex!'

So I'll be adding MEPWatch to my regular site rounds.

I'm sure some will have seen the FT article today about the new head of the EPP Daul being investigated for misuse of EU funds.

He is not accused of benefitting personally, but of "complicity and concealment of the abuse of public funds".

Are links to the EPP now actually bringing the Conservative Party into disrepute? How does this sit with having a robust policy against EU fraud? To send the right message, should Daul, though of course innocent 'til proven guilty, step down until cleared?

FT: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/4923b9fa-a1e2-11db-8bc1-0000779e2340.html

We are fortunate in having 2 top draw MEPs(hard working and representing majority opinion over Europe)in Roger Helmer & Chris H.Harris.If our line on Europe had been less "more of the same" in 2004, we might well have resisted the UKIP surge and secured a third MEP.
While I welcome any move to open up potential candidates' views to greater scrutiny, I am worried by the same old, tired line of "In but not run by", which was trotted out by William Hague in Bournemouth last October.
Leadership seems petrified of opening up a genuine national debate on the relative pros and cons of maintaining our membership of the EU.Whereas there may be some political reasons for not opening up some old wounds,the electorate is not impressed with our rather supine stance.It's a debate that cant be put off for ever.

Another Euro-bore.


About sums up your posts,pal.

I like the idea of MEP watch a lot and will be visiting it regularly, good luck with it chaps.

Oh and Michael Clarke, don't take too much notice of Justin, his posts are designed principally to attract attention to himself, although whether that is a good or bad thing is not something on which I take a view personally.

Excellent post by Michael Clarke,Chairman Northampton South, followed by predictable insulting drivel from Justin Hinchcliffe, the goon who told the unemployed to fish for their dinners in the Thames.

Never let it be said that this particular unacceptable face of uncaring, selfish Toryism allowed himsef to be outdone by Marie Antoinette.

Bored by all this talk about the EU, Justin? Then you should either:

1. Help get us out of the EU, so we no longer need to talk about it all the time;


2. Get yourself out of politics.

One cannot now be in politics and ignore the fact that most policies at all levels, from national government down to parish councils, are now pre-determined, or at least heavily conditioned, by our EU membership.

Just wondering Denis, are you a Conservative Party Member?

Matt Davis - are you an Area Officer?

As an incumbent Conservative MEP, I should welcome an open selection process.

Roger Helmer - why doesn't that surprise me :-)

>>Matt Davis - are you an Area Officer?<<

Is there a point to this question?

EU membership advantages:
-I don't see any

EU membership disadvantages:
-de facto loss of sovereignty
-laws imposed on us that do not suit us
-federalist agenda
-anti-democratic (the unelected run the show)
-racist policies like CAP and CFP that have all but eliminated many farmers and fishermen in Africa who cannot compete with EU subsidizes foodstuffs and modern European fisherboats
-a net loss of money each year of some billions of pounds
-false claims of having brought peace and prosperity (NATO and trade have done that)

Just to add my three ha'penny-worth, MEPs ought to be selected on an open hustings system, as much as MPs are, not some hole-in-the-corner backroom way; it's typical of the MEP rebels that they want to fix a system that keeps them on board.

Regardless of the system chosen, it should be a priority to dismiss the MEPs who refused to come out of the EPP/ED Parliamentary group, and preferably stopping them from ever standing again.

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