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Well DC wouldn't be the first victim of the Elfin Safety lobby, nor the last.

I'm just amazed that all-seater stadiums don't actually come with obligatory seat-belts.

Real football supporters would welcome this.

Sad thing is you need a decent game, if your going to stand, at Uni our varsity games against the local polly see everyone standing (even though both the Rugby and Football grounds are seated) and its great... sadly been a while scince a saw LCFC put on a game worth standing for... but on the whole it's be good to have stadiums with standing areas, might help cut ticket prices as well.

I'll be glad and happy to play against Manchester United without having to listen to their puerile fans shouting "stand up" every time they visit our ground. Can't they think of something better to do on a Saturday afternoon?
I quite enjoy sitting through a game, even though the ticket prices these days do not represent good value for money, any limited terracing should be available at a knockdown price, with the "populations" strictly controlled.

This would be a retrograde step and is completely unnecessary. Football's rebirth from the dark and violent days of the 1980s to the billion pound industry it is today has been built on the back of rising attendances in all seater stadia. All-seater stadia have led to a family atmosphere at games with a much higher percentage of women and children attending matches.There have also not been any Hillsborough type incidents since that fateful day.Why put this in jeopardy?

I had the misfortune of being at Hillsborough in 1989 and I would be very nervous indeed about the return of terraces.

Clubs with passionate fans can still manage to create an atmosphere (I know I am biased but the sound from the Kop is still awe-inspiring) and there is much to be said for the family-friendly atmosphere that has developed over the past 10-15 years which has seen a marked decrease in violence and a massive improvement in the image of football (which has, in turn, generated the huge sums from sponsors).

Football? Schnootball!

The soccer yobs can stand on their heads for all I care.

Anyway, I thought Shameron believed in Grandstanding?

Fantastic - bring back the terraces.

Football? Schnootball!

The soccer yobs can stand on their heads for all I care.

Anyway, I thought Shameron believed in Grandstanding?

Yes looks like he believes in Grandstanding Now!

Well if DC wants to discuss the matter further, then he is welcome to make use of my spare season ticket at Selhurst Park, to come and discuss the issue with Palace supporters. So how about a visit to Selhurst Park Dave?

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