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What will they tax next?

Video downloads, I expect.

I just watched the video. That is the kind of video I would like to see on mainstream TV. I tried to register on Doughty Street so that I could comment there, but although I can't remember registering before, I kept being told my 'login' was incorrect - I hate these barriers although obviously they are necessary!

Exactly the same has happened to me. I've tried to register again using a different email address but it won't accept that either. Any ideas anyone?

Good idea to make ads -- too bad this first one is definitely substandard. The joke is pretty simply and gets repeated ad nauseam. Some more facts & figures would have helped. It was also too long.

Very funny William! Thanks.

If you want to make further comments on the video please complete this brief survey.

I also had the same problem as Patsy and Malcolm when trying to register. I've emailed 18DS and am waiting for a response.

Teething troubles with new websites are only to be expected. Hopefully it will be easily sorted out.

Thank you Geoff. We are working on these problems.

I share its objectives, but this ad really is disappointingly feeble, as Goldie says.

Tim, I've had my activation email from 18DS now, have logged in and everything is working splendidly.

As I thought - teething problems only to be expected but great to see everything coming together. Well done to all involved with 18DS.

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