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All those who were leadership contenders appear near the top..........clearly brand recognition is lingering even if performance Mr Fox is highly disappointing

Part of the problem is that of being seen to be doing something. As weve discussed on other threads recently, many Shadow Cabinet members arent able to speak on their own and instead Cameron speaks for them...the food patriotism speech would have been more appropriate for the Environment rep...

Davis keeping his first place. He is getting a lot of press attention given the Home Office's inability to do anything remotely resembling its job.

How did Osborne get on last night on Question Time? I missed it...

Question Time was really good last night, James - you should try to watch it on the BBC News website if you get the chance.

George Osborne was ok, although (as part of a strong panel, it has to be said) he was overshadowed by Kelvin Mackenzie and Clare Short. Charles Kennedy did quite well too, and Charlie Falconer was his usual blustering, evasive self and was humiliated by Mackenzie at one point.

Osborne alas had the usual Tory problem of facing a QT dominated by Iraq. The only Conservative MPs I've ever seen make much headway on the issue are those who can say they opposed the war in the first place - Ken Clarke and Malcolm Rifkind.

I am tired of Bunter Falconer - I thought Lord Irvine was far more dignified as Lord Chancellor - ie. not party political and not on chat shows

I'm tired of public schoolboy Osborne.

Haven't we got any normal people who could be Shadow Chancellor, like someone with some actual experience of real life?

"Haven't we got any normal people who could be Shadow Chancellor, like someone with some actual experience of real life?"

Surely, all that experience managing the trust fund that contains his inherited wealth from his parents is excellent experience for the job of Shadow Chancellor.

Whats wrong with inherited wealth? Are you a socialist?

I thought I was a political anorak but I must confess to knowing very very little about Strathclyde.Can anyone enlighten me on what he's achieved?

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