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Ok, this is a bit of a fun thing, and welcome as such, but why, as there is space for whimsy like the above, is there no listing on ConservativeHome regarding the Daily Telegraph front-page headline about THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF HALF OUR NAVY.... Surely the major item of the day. Surely Cameron & Fox have something to say about it? Do they?

I was wondering exactly the same. This story has not been picked by anyone else as far as I can see.Have the Telegraph got this story right?

I always thought Bush was trying to strangle Merkel.

Not unlike New Labour and the Royal Navy - so, in typically post-modern ironic oblique fashion, the Editor did cover that story after all.

On reflection, this is the Big Story in today's news:
Thief steals urinal from city pub

Sorry Tam. I'll find a way of giving the Navy story proper prominence next week...

That video is HOT.

That video makes a change. Isn't it normally George Bush getting it in the neck from the Europeans?

Thanks Editor - this Navy slashing is one of NuLab's greatest iniquities so far, and needs hitting hard!

With everything going on in the world this blog seems to be becoming more and more trivial/superficial.

Is it connected to the unfortunate failure of 18 Doughty Street, the collapse of the viewing figures, and the consequent distraction of the ConHome staff?

Hopefully ConHome will not be dragged down by 18DS.

Wir brauchen keinen Europäischen Verfassungsvertrag, denn wir haben die Charta der Grundrechten, um das Deutsche Unrecht zurückzuschlagen.

Merkel. Oh yes I remember her. Supposed to be a kind of German Thatcher wasn't she? And of course a real Conservative

Now she's busy trying to ressurect the obnoxious EU constitution. Seems she's proved as totally unreliable as a few other so-called "Conservatives" I could mention.

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