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Good decision by CCHQ on this, Gateshead is exactly the type of place where we ought to be holding our conferences and is also a very nice place to visit. Yes it is and I'm a Londoner saying that.

Sam, spot on with the Liverpool suggestion. I made the same suggestion on another thread a couple of days ago.

The new Arena and Conference Centre by Kings Dock would only suit the smaller Spring Forum though.

I believe that Liverpool would be an awesome conference venue and could actually be very good for the main conference also. We do afterall want to win seat back in cities like Liverpool.

Holding the Spring Forum in Gateshead is the best piece of internal news to come out for ages.

An excellent decision.

Adrian, I meant to link to that comment thread above and have done now.

Liverpool's conference centre is due to be completed by 2008? Let's hope they are better organised than Wembley and Stratford then.

Holding the Conference in Liverpool would send out a strong and effective message about winning back seats in inner cities. We should go for it!

Whereabouts in Gateshead (Gatsheid to the initiated) will we be having it? The Sage? Theres a travel lodge or is it the Hilton opposite that. They keep changing the place. I'm up there on Friday, meeting my old nursing gang for lunch, so I can find out what is where these days. Its got to the stage that I got lost walking from the metro to the Infirmary in Newcastle, last year(where I trained) for a reunion. I couldnt believe it! Mind you, I did go to Yorkshire in 1969, so must expect a few roads and stuff to get changed around.

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