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When I filled out the poll I found no questions about Israel. Where were they ? I found only discussion of LibDems and Conservatives

Please re-read the Editor's post, TomTom. This is a late result from the December poll. I think you're looking at the January one which is obviously still ongoing.

Israel is in the frontline against Islamism. If Israel goes we'll be next.

Israelis have elected in my opinion some of the outstanding politicians of the 20th Century (Golda Meir,Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Barak) but they have also made some disastrous choices in Begin and Sharon. Perhaps it is this that goes some way to explaining the divergent views of the Conhome poll.
In view of Natos' rather pathetic performance in Afghanistan I hope editor you are using the term 'protective club' in the loosest possible sense!

Thanks Malcolm! :-)

"In view of Natos' rather pathetic performance in Afghanistan"

You must be joking - Even the Russians gave up on Afghanistan.

The American’s had supported Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan following the Soviet invasion in 1979. After the Russians gave up he became involved in Kossovo. Blair and Clinton were duped into bombing Belgrade for 71 days etc etc.

Learn your history Sir.

I used to tke a rather narrow view of Israel. I considered the rights of European Jews to settle in Palestine highly dubious, and I rather disapproved of the way the Israelis treated the native Palestinians.

More recently, however, I have begun to take the view that if we do not stant by this beleaguered outpost of European civilisation - with all its faults - we will simply continue the West's ongoing policy of committing cultural suicide.

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