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I'm glad that Cameron is giving ample time for people to master their briefs. I hope David Lidington succeeds in his post. He has a reputation as being a very nice guy which is not a quality that has tended to be of much value in Northern Irish politics. I wholly agree with what he says in his most recent statement and I hope he continues to take a hardline with Sinn Fein and other assorted terrorist political groups. I don't trust any of them further than I could spit.They have to earn that trust.

Sinn Fein wants all of Ireland to be a united republic. Fine. So does the SDLP. The SNP wants Scotland to be an independent country free from Westminster rule. Plaid Cymru want the same for Wales. UKIP want the UK out of the European Union. In this way all five of the parties mentioned have something in common: they are not happy with the constitutional state of sovereignty at present.

But where Sinn Fein differs from the other four is that they are the only ones immature enough to stick their fingers in their ears when faced with the reality of the situation and cry, "La la la. I can't hear you!"

The SNP recognise Westminster has authority over Scotland. They seek to change it, but they recognise the present situation. Similar from PC, SDLP and UKIP.

Sinn Fein on the other hand had previously refused to acknowledge the police force of Northern Ireland and still refuse to take their seats in Westminster because they don't recognise British authority in those six counties of Ireland that make up Northern Ireland.

Childish! Just because they don't like British authority doesn't change the fact that it exists.

Maybe this is the first sign that Sinn Fein are finally growing up.

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