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My goodness,this is,perhaps, the most amateurish thing we have ever presented to the British public.

We must be sinking fast,that video and his message was absolutely awfull,if this is the best of David Cameron and all we can do at this late stage in the lead up to the local elections,we may as well roll over dead right now.

Oooh. Don't you just love the return of "noblesse oblige".

THe largest single provider of Social Workers in England is from The Church of England but since they are paid from public funds they cannot advertise their connection with religion.

In Britain charities and other groups have been coopted and incorporated into the Extended State just as Church Schools have been.

I have no idea what these politicians are trying to do when even a local authority has no power to determine planning without being overruled by London............all power radiates from the centre

I'm afraid that I still have a fundamental objection to the voucherisation scheme.

Apart from the questions of where people would choose to direct the state funding which they could ordain by the act of "volunteering", and how that act would be defined, and how much bureaucracy would be entailed in checking that they had fulfilled their pledge to devote so many hours a week to the charity of their choice, no doubt averaged over a year and with a minimum number of hours each month or whatever, and whether the time they give to that charity is spent usefully, there is a profound difference between a moral responsibility to neighbours in need and a legal responsibility to hand over taxes to the state.

Any scheme which is based on the premise that if an individual accepts what they in their heart see as their personal moral responsibility then everybody else must have an increased legal responsibility to hand over their money to the state blurs and will eventually destroy that distinction, and predictably charities rather than being independent of the state will become absorbed into its apparatus.

Judging the aspects of this plan which were in any way coherent it does seem to me that such an arrangement would be much better than the status-quo. Worth welcoming.

However its still quite obvious that if one doesn't see anything inherently paradoxical about such a message - that of a politician announcing what he believes should be government policy on the voluntary sector and the responsibilities we should feel to each and all in society - then one is never really going to "get it".

Sorry to be pessamistic but this is like yet another nail in the coffin.

I really do think that the "Project" is running out of steam.

I cant get audio on this computer (library computers are impossible to work...). Could someone post a transcript please?

I would also point out as an afterthought that there is ample scope for horrendous and outrageous abuse of a "voucherisation" scheme. There are Islamic "charities" which are almost certainly funding extremist teaching and even terrorism, but the Charity Commission says that it doesn't have the resources to investigate them as thoroughly as some journalists have. I've no doubt that when the worshippers down at their local mosques were asked/told to sign up as "volunteers" for such charities there'd be loads who did so, even if many did so in complete innocence, and each of them would in effect be compelling the rest of us to pay more tax to support organisations which may want to destroy our society.

That really is pathetic. Dace, Camilla and Nick all come across like sixth form arts students on pot spouting vagus nonsense about some big idea that, when you wake up in the morning, you realise is just bs.

As for Bole's comment that "there's lots of meat" pleeeeeeease. It is staggering how lightweight and superficial the Tories have become.

I don't watch telly or listen to the radio much so don't really know what Dave sounds like. Having played the video I can hear that he is very posh - how well is that accent going down with the punters? Is it an issue?

After such an amateurish performance, can anyone honestly claim that Nick Boles has the necessary communication skills or intellect to be our London Mayoral candidate?

In response to Freedland, maybe the reason Britain has a less charitable culture is because our welfare state is more comprehensive? Trim it down (I'd prefer slashing but trimming will have to do now) and I suspect charitable involvement would rise significantly. After all, the last time we were highly charitable was before the modern welfare state.

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