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Can you point me to a URL with viewing instructions? I have never managed to access the 18 Doughty Street webcasts properly. I clicked the button "Mac users click here" underneath the screen and a box appeared called "VLC" but nothing happened!

I'll have to get back to you on that Graeme.

Surely 'Or you would be able to view it if we could get our technology sorted out, or hadn't tried to 'fix something that wasn't broken'...

"....and a box appeared called "VLC" but nothing happened!"

VLC is a separate video playback app, and something you've installed - it's probably not working with this stream.

Try copying the link to the video:


....then open quicktime, and try open it from there.

Thanks Andrew. I tried that but got "URL not valid" error message. My mac just doesn't want me to watch Tory television ... I always suspected it had lib-dem tendencies :-0). Thanks though.

Graeme - my Mac does (IE, Firefox & Safari) so it must be something in your video playback preferences. I have polluted the software by installing Microsoft Media Player which might have a bearing - noticed with 18 Doughty St that when tested on IE it opened a standalone Media Player window.

Good to see our esteemed Deputy Editor in live motion!

No problem accessing.

An excellent effort. Very professional. Well done!

Can see it well on Explorer.Hopefully in time you'll expand it beyond 15 minutes so you can go into more depth or cover more subjects. Perhaps if a subject is argued passionately and well on Conhome you might ask the bloggers involved onto the show for a studio debate. It would be good to put some faces to names.

Another great innovation. Well done lads.

I thought that was a really good 15 minute video. Also, classic comment at the beginning about 'can we do that again?' 'no!'

Nice to link up ConservativeHome on 18 Doughty Street, especially now that the new system seems to be making the video and sound broadcast so much clearer. Exciting days ahead!!

Malcolm @ 19:44 - good idea to have the best debaters on TV so we can put faces to names - on a "lighter" note it might also be fun to have the more "notorious" posters; perhaps on a programme called "Troll TV"?!!

Sally, can we get Chad and Christina back for a once only appearance???

Hi Malcolm - it's absolutely our intention to include readers in the programme. Are you volunteering your own services!? I hope so...

Be delighted Tim.I've always fancied being a TV star! Also love to have a debate with the likes of Changetowin,Jack Stone,Justin Hincliffe,Tory Loyalist etc ..... and the more sensible posters on this blog.

stop the echo on the video!!!

Can you please put the old 18DS website back??? I much prefered it. The new one is really basic and all the blogs - centreright.com etc. are seperate from the site so it is difficult to keep track of.

Please do something, the new site is terrible!!!!

Hi Ash,

what you are looking at is merely the new media player.

A brilliant new website is due this week.

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