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Definately CF Chairman Mark Clarke's for me - www.markclarke.blogspot.com

It's a shame CF Diary isn't allowed as its accountability is the only reason the elected CFers kept blogs this year! Well done to them for doing so though.

I nominate John Moorcraft's blog cause it's a very insightful weblog from a CF guru!

Personally, I find Sam Tarran's blog (www.samtarran.co.uk) particularly enjoyable.

No idea why though.

Certainly www.Paul-Rogers.blogspot.com and www.abercf.blogspot.com deserves credit for being one of the few welsh blogs which covers Conservative Future in Wales.

I nominate www.recessmonkey.com for its excellent coverage of Mark Clarke's chairmanship.


Chris Hughes's frequent entertaining posts on www.abercf.blogspot.com make it definately worth an award.

It has to be Mid Dorset's own Will Burstow with 'A Young Conservative' blog for me. Inciteful and funny and in my constituency.

Will B - (A Young Conservative), Martine Martin and Thunder Dragon would impress in any company, but they also have youth on their side.

what about Matt Sinclair- thoughtfull, well informed and lots of well argued stuff even if you disagree eg on Global Warming


I nominate Cllr. Iain Lindley! Very much the original young blogger and a role model for young Conservative Party members.

Praguetory (a good blogger in his own right) had an article on young conservative bloggers recently. Worth having a look at.



An amazing blogspot, which I use a lot of the time as it covers the Welsh Conservatives! I use it to help gain support in my area with people i know etc.


Amusing, informative, regularly updated, and with some good discussion in the comment threads. S'good.

Thanks for the advertising Mark!

Martine Martin is my number one under 30 blogger, but if I was weighting things according to age, 17 year old Will B (who even my non-political friends think could be one for the future) and 15 year old Sam Tarran (I love his straight-talking) simply have to be considered.

I'd go for Birm Uni CF - http://bucf.wordpress.com They came from nothing to this well presented blog with constant, quality content and good discussion. They are making their mark in Birmingham with their blog.

On reflection I second Bob. Contains all the elements of a good blog - and the teamwork involved has been inspiring. The impact they are having in Brum remains to be seen, but I have very high hopes.

Aber CF has a good design with a high frequency and quality of posts for a yong peoples blog

All no doubt very worthy. Pity I have neither read these blogs nor have I any idea where to locate them.

I have just spent all evening in the pub, and in my day you were far more likely to find YCs in the pub or disco than huddled round the 1970s counterpart of a PC in a bedsit.

I suppose radio hamming a la Tony Hancock would have been the most obvious equivalent.

Isn't there something rather sad about these YC netheads?

I'd agree with the nomination of Sam Tarran.

He consistently produces interesting posts, and has a superb grasp of history.

CF Diary by a mile, but failing that Nick Webb's is good.

If we are being fair, I think Sam Tarran deserves it really. Potentially Martine Martin deserves a nomination too.

I'll have to be honest here, I don't really read ANY Conservative Future blogs. Sorry, everyone, but all the details about marginal seat campaigns and events here and there bores me to death, I'm afraid.

To me, the only one that really stands out is Chris Palmer's "Political Crossroads". Although, I'm not sure whether Praguetory is a 'young conservative' or not. Either way, these are both two of my favourite daily reads, and the amount of comments I leave on both blogs pretty much shows just how highly I think of them.

The only one I read is Birmingham Conservative Future group as well. (http://bucf.wordpress.com) RUn I believe by those on the commitee of the group who as well as the blog get up to a lot - a visit by Boris Johnson, snipets of which were shared with readers in an amusing fashion. Very good effort.

Tory Loyalist, contrary to your thinking, we young Conservatives have a very active daily time table. I'm almost constantly run off my feet with school work, political activities and an overly active social life.

But however busy I am I always try and make time for my blog, it only takes me an hour or so at night to find a topic and type up a post on it.

Just because it may take you an age and a half to type up a couple of paragraphs doesn't mean that it is the same for us young guns... ;-)

If PragueTory is allowed in this he should win it by a country mile…beyond his exception blog I would nominate Mark Clarke and Caroline Hunt.

There are quite a few excellent blogs from younger Conservatives, but I'd like to second the nomination for Martine Martin.

As my profile reveals, I am 32. Feel free to confuse me with the youngsters as often as you like. BUCF to win.

If CFD is excluded, then I'll go for Thoughts from a Young Tory - http://toryboyross.blogspot.com/index.html

It is high quality, insightful about American politics, and attracts comments.

I'd like to nominate www.paulhayes.org.uk - a senior CF'er in Sheffield and recently selected to fight the marginal ward of Wallasey (Cons. majority of 1,981)

Thank you for nominating my blog, Mercy Man, it is very flattering of you.

Recently I have been very impressed with Birmingham University Conservative Future. I would like to nominate them.

I find some blogs bore me to death, and only exist to perpetuate their own existence, and alternatively that some are an absolutely vital source of on the pulse information.

I personally value political blogs more for the political opinions contained in them.

So, for level-headed information, comment, and a good conservative perspective I recommend Thoughts from a Young Tory, at http://toryboyross.blogspot.com.

I think most of those I'd regard as the top contenders are mentioned already. John Moorcraft, Mark Clarke and Caroline Hunt certainly deserve to be considered. And thank you to Anthony for mentioning mine. I'd also like to nominate Anne-Marie Bray's blog

By her own admission she doesn't post as often as some, but each post is strong in the point it is making, while being light-hearted and easy to read.

Sam Tarran. Not quite a William Hague or (yet) a Peter Cuthbertson, but I like his 'big' historical posts and book reviews, although I don't always agree with the conclusions, but he's also entertaining on the phenomenon of adults 'getting down with the kids' e.g. his post on Local Democracy Day. I can't wait to read his despatches from the Youth Parliament.

Can't see him on your blogroll. As a CF memeber, shouldn't he be in your Tory Bloggers links ?

Thanks to those people who said kind things about my blog.

Organisationally, the best are probably Birminham University CF, Aber CF and UCL CF (Caerulean Blog).

I enjoy John Moorcraft the most. He has a distinctive positioning and reminds me that what we do has some minor ripples in history (if we do it right) and is not all just about playing at politics.

Good polemic rants are often found on Caroline Hunt, Tory Boy Ross, Sam Tarran, Political Crossroads and Sinclair's Musings.

For brilliance of design and innovation in blogging ideas, Martine Martin deserves credit.

From a young councillor perspective, Antony Little and Paul Bristow are good.

Nick Webb also does probably the best Area Chairman one. Though Anne-Marie Bray, whilst her blog is less good than Nick's, more than compensates through having set up a discussion forum for her Area.

A shame that Prague Tory is not eligible because he is very good.

And I'm fairly sure that Guido is merely reliving his FCS days on a bigger platform!

Thank you Mark for praising our blog - UCL CF (The Caerulean Blog).

I am happy to see all the CF NME are blogging this year; it is both informative and interesting!

It is really helping to lift CF!

The UCL Conservatives Blog is very very interesting and seems to attract the attention of a variety of different people...

UCL has one of the largest and most active Conservative Societys in the country and the blog really reflects that...

Worth a look!

I would like to nominate Damon Lord and John Moorcraft, both of which I would consider to be excellent blogs.

I nominate Ross Cowling's blog 'Tory Boy Ross' (http://toryboyross.blogspot.com/). An excellent blog, always insightful, and always thought provoking.

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