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Hear,hear! See my comment about this on the Hague/Osborne swap thread.

Polls suggest Cameron is carrying the Conservative party.

Where is the logic in hiding from the public your strongest brand attribute?

The public has no interest in most of the shadow cabinet.

We do need to build up the profile of another couple of shadow ministers so we look like a winning team. Suggest targetting crime and health briefs,


Yes, I agree that the spotlight should shine on other members of the shadow cabinet rather more. There are some very able people in it (not necessarily in the best posts yet) and the public should get to know some of them better.
DC would do well to spend even more time in the north trying to revive the conservative vote there.

It's highly desirable but won't happen as it presents a bigger risk of off-message failure to Steve Hilton.

The more shadow minister plates he has to control, the greater chance of one smashing.

It is going to take someone like Fox or Davis to reject their speeches being vetoed by Hilton to break the cult of Cameron approach of year one.

"Where is the logic in hiding from the public your strongest brand attribute?"
I am in a agreement with that analysis. I think that we need to keep David Cameron very much in the limelight and surrounded by a highly competent team. When your opponents want to see less of the conservative leader then you know that he is a winner.
Good speeches from Davis and Fox at conference, you were left in no doubt that it was their own views.
No wonder Labour and the Libdems are really concerned about the risk of the Cameron factor when Brown becomes leader next to Ming Campbell.

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