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Good piece William, I'd also recommend the New Culture Forum's politically incorrect Christmas wishes...

I don't find that at all funny.

Pity Mr Norton doesn't spend more time reading his bible rather than churning out tripe that mocks the Christmas message.

As usual William I think this is truly excellent. I too am a Christian but my faith is sufficiently strong that I don't feel that a political satire of this nature, even one that is based on the Christmas story, is in any way inappropriate. Lighten up John Irvine - and happy Christmas to one and all...!

That was Hilarious! Up to standard William. I agree with Donal. Please LIGHTEN UP Mr. Irvine.

Oh John Irvine don't be so miserable!! It is possible to have religious beliefs - and a sense of humour....!

Ever heard of satire Mr Irvine!! Very good I thought.

Tres Amusant Mr Norton. None of this happy holidays nonsense - Merry Christmas, and here's to a great 2007!!


Nadolig llawen ac y Calan hapus!

Pity Mr Norton can't find time to carry out his duties in the London Eastern Area in his capacity as Deputy Chairman (Political).

There have been more sightings of Mr Osama Bin Laden than Mr Norton...

ooh! That last comment wasn't from me by the way. I thought it was very funny William.

Very amusing - I hope we can look forward to similar satire of the next Muslim festival, whatever it is and whenever it comes up! That would be both funny and brave.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Oh William! I cackled like a fishwife when I read that, and if Mr. Irvine is not joking, but for real then perhaps he should pal up with Mr. Brown! He - Irvine perhaps, has troubles with reading, as, as far as I could see the Holy Family were not in any way denigrated....

Hope there will be many more of your gems in 2007!!


Not funny, Mr Norton. You clearly have too much time on your hands. I somehow doubt that you would have it in you to parody Islam in as irreverent a manner.

Why would you parody Islam at Christmas time John? Lighten up and have a mince pie!

Well done William I've missed your humour on this blog. A very merry Christmas to all and best wishes for 2007.

Nice one William and a Very Merry Christmas to you!

Couple of points though:

1) William is no longer DC Political for the NE London Area having resigned several months ago due to his taking a new job in Birmingham. I know this because I am myself an elected officer of the NE London Area Management Exec.

2) Sadly John Irvine clearly shows that it isn't just fundamentalist Muslims who lack any sense of humour regarding their faith. No wonder that "More people in Britain think religion causes harm than believe it does good" between the various religious fundamentalists and ridiculous and foolish pronouncements from the increasingly bonkers Archbishop of Canterbury.

"William is no longer DC Political for the NE London Area having resigned several months ago..." Good. But how comes we've never heard of you, Matt?

You're a bundle of joy in Hackney aren't you. Lighten up a bit. It is christmas.

Depressed of Hackney Probably you don't know me because Area Officers are divided up geographically across the area, which runs from Islington to Havering and Tower Hamlets to Enfield and I mainly deal with Waltham Forest, Ilford and some of the Havering bits.Having said that I was much in evidence during the Queensbridge By Election but since we don't know who you really are I can't say as to whether I know you or not.

There is currently a vacancy for Area DC Pol, perhaps you'd like to put yourself forwards for that?

Depressed in Hackney - as I am another officer of London NE Area, would you like to tell me what you have done for the Party in the last year? Perhaps you would like to put yourself forward for officership at our next AGM, and see what it's like balancing a career, political service, work for your own Association and one-third of London's Associations.

Well done William, and perhaps some people might just realise that this is satire on Labour, not Christianity, if they didn't go into automatic protest mode first. Shades of Life of Brian!

Sadly John Irvine clearly shows that it isn't just fundamentalist Muslims who lack any sense of humour regarding their faith

No reason they should in fact.........I live in a country which has little sense of humour about race or GLBT issues and yet there are many who find skin colour and sexual identity highly humorous.

It is just a pity that those who are broadminded about spoofingg religion are so sensitive and puritanical about other tastes in humour

I wonder if depressed of Hackney is actually from Hackney? William was a superb officer who worked well beyond the bounds of duty across the area.

The Hackney Conservatives are an excellent group who work and campaign hard with limited resources.The activists and councillors know William well and would be unlikley to write such nonsense.

The article was also great fun

"Depressed in Hackney"'s attack on William is unfair on a number of grounds:

1) As Matt points out, William lives in Birmingham, not east London.

2) "Depressed" links his name directly to the official Hackney website, making it possibly appear a pseudo-official message, which of course it isn't.

3) He then rounds on Matt. If Matt is the same Matt whom I've met at nearly every east London event ever, the ball-of-energy-in-human-Matt form, aka extremely nice Matt, then his attack on Matt is ludicrous.

4) This whole "depressed in Hackney" thing is a bit 1970s, no? I was in Broadway Market earlier, picking up the last minute parsnips and fennel &c, there was nothing depressing to be seen. More joyous to be honest.

5) It's practically Christmas Eve. Merry tidings of goodwill and all that.

Wm Norton, Esq

I need not tell you to ignore the hairshirt Christian fundamentalists.

May the bounteous produce of the Welsh Marches increase your girth, and your cup overflow.

With seasonal felicities,

Matt Davis. You have my sympathy if your remit covers Ilford (Redbridge) you have your work cut out dealing with that Borough. I could write a book about my involvement as Leader of the Council for two years until May 2006 and as an activist and Councillor for a number of years before that dating from the mid 80's. Good luck to you.

Not at all funny

Hilarious! Welcome back William, and please let's see more of this. You have a great talent for comedy.

Merry Christmas to all at CHome - even to the more obvious trolls.

I strongly recommend checking out this self-deprecating xmas card by the Commission for Racial Equality.

gold, and frankincense, and myrrh

Myrrh is a constituent of perfumes and incense, was highly prized in ancient times, and was often worth more than its weight in gold. In ancient Rome myrrh was priced at 5 times as much as frankincense, though the latter was far more popular. Myrrh was burned in ancient Roman funerals to mask the smell emanating from charring corpses. Myrrh was used as an embalming ointment

Nice present for the newborn

Graeme, thanks for your kind words, although the ball analogy will be even truer once I have eaten my way through Christmas!

Laurence we do vaguely know each other, I am also deputy leader of the Waltham Forest Council group and we have met at London Council events, you'd know me if you saw me. You certainly did have a rough time with the Redbridge Group so I guess the commiserations should be reciprocated.

A Very Happy Christmas To You All
(yes, even you Changetowin, if you really exist that is).

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