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Ludlow, are you saying the media lie about these people? I do read the news you know, not those cheap rags either. I watch current affairs programs and speak with my colleagues at work too so I know what I'm talking about.
As for attending a BNP meeting - I don't think so. For one thing I'd be afraid for my safety, and what sort of women attend them I wonder?

Don't wonder, go to one and find out. Don't be a sheep. If any harm came to anyone at a BNP meeting the press would be all over it, what have you read?

Ludlow, are you saying the media lie about these people?

It is a condition of membership of the NUJ that you must not show the BNP in a good light. So to answer your question, yes.

Sorry Ludlow if I butted in.

“I do read the news you know, not those cheap rags either. I watch current affairs programs and speak with my colleagues at work too so I know what I'm talking about.”

All hearsay, gossip and rumour go to a meeting and find out. You will be made welcome even if you abhor our views and stance I would welcome you at any of our local meetings if not just for the lively debate about politics. If we where thugs who wanted to give people a good kicking we’d join a football hooligans club. I am 45 and amongst the youngest at our meetings, it’s not full of skinheads with bovver boots and red braces over their white t shirts, that’s a picture our political opponents like to paint.

Tiely, you state that you would be afraid for your safety at a BNP meeting and ask what sort of women attend them.
I understand your scepticism and concerns. I am one of those women; I'm a pensioner of 64 and come from a Conservative background, our family have run our own business since 1908 and was always very much against those who rioted or protested against the establishment. I don't conform to your image of a BNP supporter as being a 'fascist, knuckle-dragging thug' by any means. Feeling disillusioned by the way the country was heading, I looked at other Parties; Labour and Lib Dem were definitely out and the squabbles of UKIP put me against them. So I tentatively went to a BNP meeting, wondering the same things as you but having attended others' meetings, I felt it fair, otherwise how could I judge? I found that people there were nothing like the media portray, they were all decent, normal folk; many pensioners and many ex-Conservative and UKIP members and supporters. Their views also coincided with mine therefore, until the Conservative Party can bring itself back to their original policies for the good of this country, then I will be voting BNP. And proud to do it.

I may have seemed a bit hasty with my earlier comments, but that's not to say I'm seduced by any of the arguments of the BNP supporters, and I'm not convinced I would be welcomed even if I did attend one of your meetings, which would anyway be only to see for myself. I certainly wouldn't go along on my own either.
I have to admit one thing though. You people have stood up to a lot of pressure, which is impressive by any standards.

As some now approaching possibly the last opportunity to use my franchise in a GE I feel I should make the most of it to try and influence the direction in which Britain MUST go in order to protect what remains of this once great Nation. For almost sixty years I have voted with my heart instead of my head. Whom did I vote for, the Conservative party. But it appears that now no longer exists. What has replaced it. I don't know. Certainly the values the party once held dear are seemingly no longer important.
Where do I turn to? I have looked at UKIP and seriously considered it. The I saw the various postings regarding the BNP. Now I must admit my first thoughts were indeed of the National Front. How very surprised I was when I visited the BNP web site to find that I could have been looking at a Conservative manifesto of my youth.
I must give serious thought to supporting this forward looking Party. I can not honestly see any other way forward. DC has totally lost my support, with his wishy washy attitudes and never stating exactly where he stands, and where he would like to take a once great Party.

I suppose the BNP supporters here have seen the Guardian article?
Quite an expose'
So now what have you to say for yourselves?

Tierly, I think the BNP may well have come out on top with this one. Have you ever stopped to think why the BBC sent someone under cover in the BNP, only to cost the tax payers one million pounds in court fees proving two members of the BNP innocent of race related charges. And now the Guardian is trying it on. Is this through some sort of fear do you think, that perhaps the BNP is the way forward, that the Guardian may be losing some of it's readership. Why was it necessary, whilst decrying covert actions and secrecy to have to obliterate a name on the membership card. What does the reporter have to hide. It's actions like this that are makiing me consider even further the possibility, if not actually joining the BNP due to my age, but I still may do, then at least giving them the benifit of the doubt, and voting for them in May, if there is a candidate within my area.
Something smells within the corridors of the mass media and methinks it is both DC and TB. Do you think that there is the possibility, out of mutual fear, that they could be bed mates on this one?


What expose? That many decent, professional people are becoming BNP members? That in seven months undercover he heard no racist or anti-semitic remarks?

Hardly Watergate.

All I will ask is that you watch what happens to the people named as BNP members. The ballerina, the worker for the Queen etc.

When they get sacked and/or have their career in ruins, as they will, then tell me if you don't think it's a good idea that the BNP membership list is secretive.

Many people from the BNP have lost their jobs when their membership has become public. People from the fire service, HSBC bank, the teaching profession.

Do you, as someone I presume would call themselves a supporter of democracy, think it is right that someone is sacked simply for being a member of a legal political party?

Oh dear - Blair and Cameron "bed mates"? What next, the leader of the Conservative party in league with the Guardian?

As for people being sacked for being members of the BNP. Employers have the right to hire and fire as they please, the way it should be.

The secret ballot is there to protect people from the vicious employment discrimination which Tiely seems to think is fine.

Bear in mind that the British National Party is a legal democratic party, representing the diminishing numbers of native British people. (Nearly 250,000 left the country just last year - and it's not just sunshine they are seeking).

Only the BNP will prevent the EU from absorbing our Country. Mainstream politicians are betraying their oaths of allegiance to Queen and Country by allowing foreign powers to take over our law, armed forces .. on and on it goes.

We will withdraw from the EU, make proper provision for old people, stand fullsquare behind the National Health service, support the British Farming industry, enhance the Police and armed forces .. and many other truthful policies (no spin - no lies).

I know many conservatives also believe our country is not a nice place anymore - how do I know - I'm an ex Branch Vice Chairman and Treasurer.

I'm also a retired professional engineer - not a skin-head by any means - and I have been to BNP meetings and met the schoolteachers, railwaymen, ex-naval and army folk, graphic artists, and many more good people. That's where the true Brits are to be found.

Out with it wench, be thou a Tiely or a Tierly. methinks one who hast adoted that which she shouild be called is most like to mis-spell it.

*sigh* OK, I'll bite.

It looks like every single post since December 13th on this thread has been from a BNP activist. I have to admire your persistence.

Editor, it might be time to close this thread?

Hear hear.

Thankyou, Anglo Saxon, I'm not averse to a little correction now and then.
It's Tieley, as in Tie-Ley, actually.
I suppose your 'real' name is Anglo Saxon.

Oh, Simon Newman, don't be a bore :o)

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