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She's a better artist than me. Chap at the bottom looks like he fails the crunchy Conservative test though.

I have to believe that this is either a joke or something approved during one of Dave's 'trips'

It's pretty good. I bet she got help with the writing/spelling even if the drawing is all her own :-)

It's a bizarre world that means if DC had sent out a card with a 7 year old's typical spelling he'd be attacked for it, but the art is no problem (in fact it's quite pretty all would agree)

I think the inclusion of the Town Hall rather than Parliament has a resonance and will surely delight Ken Clarke.

"I have to believe that this is either a joke or something approved during one of Dave's 'trips'"
A lot of people spend a fortune on cards which aid charities and school funds by relying on the artwork of children. Anything that highlights the joy of giving at Christmas is great.
Only recently heard about the wonderful work Mary's Meals was doing when a relative got actively involved in helping raise funds.

Good to see someone in a fur coat between the two Chrstman strees.

... or even Christmas trees.

Get her to design a new party logo while shes at it!

Let's hope Scarlett didn't get paid £40,000 of party fund-raising money to do this, like some of the logo/marketing/whizz-kid advisors do.

Come to think of it, this looks better than the advisors' stuff. I agree - sack the whizz-kids and appoint Scarlett.

It's a good card. Is there a snowman on a flying carpet in the background? As Tim says, an unashamed celebration of Christmas, which is what Jews, Muslims and Hindus are all in favour of anyway.....as opposed to the tutting inverted Puritans of the BBC/Guardian axis. Also a welcome contrast to yet another garish photo op of the NuLabour Holy Family with Tone and Cherie baring their teeth at us.

I do belive the 'snowman on a flying carpet' is infact Jesus in his manger. It's quite a good card actually, I agree with Michael in the post above that it's better than a picture of the Blairs.

How right you are: Scarlett has in fact helpfully written "Jesus" at the top of the card. Santa seems to have boarded a lilo pulled by a hyena and a llama. The llama looks pregnant. All told, a great picture.

As its done by a child, we all have to give sympathy and like the card. Its a wierd rule but its one that applies. She clearly put effort in. Well done to her.

Unless this was done by David Cameron and he's embarassed about it...

Hope he emails it and doesn't post it - not sure Royal Mail vans are carbon neutral!

Anon @ 22:07


He can just plant a couple more trees. At this rate we'll have our own rainforests by 2010!

Sorry chaps, but Santa is not coming this year - those taxes on flying means that he's decided to call it a day. He's decided to work on his tan as the North Pole isn't as cold as it used to be.

But is it representative of Dave’s modern Britain; where are the hoodies, ethnic minorities, and gays?

If you cannot send a Christian card at Christmas there is simply no point in bothering.

The fatuous nature of corporate Christmas cards and those from politicians is an insult to the intelligence.

Either Christmas is a Christian Festival based upon poverty and the have-nots being made privy to a great hope for the future............or it is nothing.

I am now more than ever convinced that rich people cannot celebrate Christmas - their own self importance gets in the way

It's a nice card, better than most of the guff that MPs send. Waas it designed by the same kid who designed the new logo?

Better than my boss's card. We got a local school to do it, as per usual, and they all sent in computer-generated tosh.

Is that a hoodie in the bottom right?

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