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Most Thought Provoking Blog?
Best Designed Blog?

As another potential two.

Highest traffic, most comments, most quoted in the msn?

Most diverse audience (e.g. non-politicos and from across the political range, age groups etc)

Can we have a special award for the least well-read and most one-sided blog? I would nominate UKIPHome (-: Although a Lib Dem, Norfolk Blogger, an Orange Booker, is sometimes more Conservative than many Tories.

Can we have a Poly Tonybee appreciation blog category please--- or even just a Gruinyard one--

What do you mean, Huntarian?

"Iain Dale should be congratulated. Bloggers4Labour have just given him their 'Wooden Spoon Award' in their 'Blog Awards'."

It's got a lot less interesting now that he is on the priority list. Some of the defences of the leadership are quite tortured.

Justin Hinchcliffe's amateurish website, with its ludicrous "looney-left" style welcome in umpteen Third World languages must class as one of the ten worst blogs on the net.

But it's probably disqualified because I'm not sure it counts as Conservative.


There is a lot I could say about Mitzzi Green, but I'd prefer to meet him.

There is a lot I could say about Mitzzi Green, but I'd prefer to meet him.

Posted by: Justin Hinchcliffe | December 10, 2006 at 22:49

Long retired, Mitzi Green died of cancer at the age of 48 in Huntington Beach, California on May 24, 1969. She is buried at Eden Memorial Park Cemetery, Mission Hills, California.

Off you go then Justin................

I can't believe the always compelling "E9 and Counting", detailing the minutiae of trips to the cinema, the difficulty of getting Waitrose to deliver to E9 etc etc, doesn't feature. Surely Jane Austen wasn't less of a Tory writer because she focused on the small, important details in the lives of the ordinary? [NB I'm joking].

Again, Mitzi Green is showing her ignorance.

First our website is exactly that - a website. Not a blog!

Tottenham is The most diverse and multi-cultural constituency in the UK – that’s why we have the word "welcome" in many common languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi and Turkish. We're a modern and inclusive Association. I wouldn't describe them as "third world" languages but, if they were, his point is?

Our website is regularly kept out-to-date and has won several awards - the last being Conservative Website of the Year (The Apter Cup) awarded by the National Convention.

and Stanstead Airport

known to native English-speakers as STANSTED

Would I be immodest to assume that I will be a contender for best campaigning blog. I set out my recent record in the Midas Touch, late in November? Can't think of anything of note since then, unfortunately.

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