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I think the Webcameron team deserve the congratulations - they were big enough to include a couple of their favourite spoofs on their email round-up of the year (including a link to CH's article about poor Sion Simon). This one also made me splutter into my afternoon tea:


Great stuff. Very entertaining!

Seriously folks, can you imagine BROWN doing anything even a quarter as human???NO!!! Good on yer DC, and a merry Xmas to you and yours.

I don't understand this modern music. Not a word of it. Can't they speak (or sing if you can credibly call it that) more clearly?

Strange - liked the oldies doing their exercises.

Cameron looks soo fake on his web camera. It looks like he is trying to hard to impress those who are watching him, through his body language and mannerisms. Why can't he be himself.

Ismail, are you that dumb? It's been 'mixed' !

At the beginning of the video clip, where theres no music Justin, where DC is speaking to the camera and washing the dishes like it was any other day.

There's been acres of nonsense written about the clip of David washing the porridge dishes, the first such clip on Webcameron, including a column by Liberator Purves in the Times about the nonsense of a Notting Hill man washing up dishes when of course he owns a dishwasher. It's time to put this matter straight.

We also have a dishwasher but we are also very prone to porridge breakfasts. Anyone who is a porridge lover will tell you that it's not possible to put porridge pans and utensils straight into the dishwasher: that way gummed up machinery lies. You have to clean them first. Graeme's Christmas Tip: always have a sink of hot soapy water ready, as you prepare the porridge. Once you've dispensed the porridge into the serving bowls, immerse the pan and wooden spoon straightaway into the hot water Dave. The surfactant in the detergent will remove the goo, while you enjoy the hot porridge oats, allowing you to put the whole lot into the dishwasher afterwards.

I trust that this matter can now be closed.

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