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I nominate John Redwood. It's only a new blog but he's writing imaginatively. He's already posted interesting views on UKIP, the English Parliament and state funding of political parties.

I second the nomination for Rt Hon John Redwood MP.

Surely it has to be Boris Johnson MP?! An excellent writer and always makes a topic interesting!

I third the nomination of John Redwood.

Has anyone noticed one of the new intake coming up on the rail?
Nadine Dorries of Mid-Bedfordshire has a wonderful blog style, warm, informed, humourous and down to earth and very valid. She doesnt use a ghost writer [which is supposedly one of Boris's tricks]
I really liked her exposure of Hazel Blears as a hypocrit trying to bury bad news about the NHS over the holiday.
Watch her in 2007. Definitely 'The Blonde Whizz'.

Giles is spot on! I first noticed Mid Beds MP Nadine Dorries with her work on the Cities Initiative in Liverpool.

Nadine's blog is written from the perspective of a real human being, who wants to share the priviliege and experiences of being an MP with the rest of us outside of the Westminster bubble. A much deserved nomination, I hope she gets it!!!

Nadine Dorries has written some excellent articles - it is a shame that the site design (no comments, no linking to individual articles) needs a bit of brushing up.

I would like to nominate David Cameron. That the leader of a major political party is blogging, and blogging properly, is a huge boost for blogging and the new media generally, and I am delighted that it is the Conservative Party that is leading the way.

Yes, Webcameron is the obvious choice.

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