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If Lembit marries one of his Romanian women on Saturday night TV with Sian as a bridesmaid I am sure LibDem ratings will rebound

Without wishing to repeat a lot of blah blah blah nonsense, we need to consider that a Government always bounces in a real poll if they are adrift in mid term. Look at John Major.....consistently 20 % behind but half that in the real poll. This Tory lead is too small and it indicates Labour will win the real poll.

Well done to DC on getting some floating voters- My 2008 wish is that the year will be spent on getting more natural conservative minded voters (the majority of Britain) firmly on board. Lower taxes and social responsibility are not incompatible with a leftward centrist outlook provided some bright business minded people are working on it.The Party has a near monopoly on such people and our economy and well being depends on such policies. Such an approach will take us to + 15 %.

We'll never get poll leads of +10% because there hasn't been a recession under the Labour government.

Also, Britain is no more a "naturally conservative" country than a "naturally socialist" one; most people are too apathetic to fit those categories.

Another good poll which most have been recently showing us staying steady or going up and Labour and the Liberals going down. Very encouraging for the New Year.

Do we think there will be a warm front in Montgomeryshire, sweeping away the incumbent with his cheeky grin? Or is there more chance of an asteroid hitting the earth?

The polls are still very constant. One or two percent up or down is not going to make any real difference: NuLibCon took a few voters from LibDem and NuLab, while a few real Conservatives moved out.

Interesting, and will provide a bit of Christmas cheer for Cameron. Also worthy of note was the story (either yesterday or today, I can't remember) about a businessman who was recently persuaded to hand over £500,000 because of Cameron's stance on securing stable families.

It's going to be a very interesting 12 months in 2007, six months of which will be spent with a new PM. Cameron's balancing act, between the centre and the Right, will have to be even more delicate.

Yes. It's obvious that the Tories have now reached a plateau.

It is absurd to put their relative success down to the accession of the latest of the Maggie's successors, who change places as rapidly and regularly as the guards as St James's.

The causes are twofold.

1) Continuing Labour scandals.
2) LibDem collapse resulting from the poor performance of Menzies Campbell.

Next year we will see a new Labour leader and before long, I suspect, a new LibDem leader also.

The smoke and mirrors "Cameron Effect" will then vanish like a morning mist.

Just promise me you will be on this site and posting the day after May's locals, TL.

These latest polls show that Cameron has clearly stalled. Looks like his appeal is wearing thin.

Sadly I believe we will have to wait for a real reversal before we have a chance to remove him and put a proper Conservative in charge of the party again.

I think 2007 may well see that. At our ward Xmas party I spoke to a number of leading members who are fed up with his statements especially "hug a hoody". Only one member really stuck up for him.

They also all agreed that they would like to see Hague back in charge

The LibDems starting to self destruct and destroy the "arrival of a fully fledged (or should that be fully felched)third force in Brirtish politics" is no surprise and always happens after they have appeared to be on the up for a while. Ultimately they are repetitive proof that in politics you can't be all things to all men and get away with it for very long.An important lesson there for us too.

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