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Sorry, I missed Trevor Phillips comment on this.........

bah, some minor left-wing Labour councillor doing this is hardly worth noting.

Not sure what the point of it was really

Next news, they'll have DC singing Mammeee!!! Pathetic.

I note that one of the "authors", a Labour councilor chairs a Mental Health Trust. That rather says it all.

bee, It'll be in the Daily Mail on Monday now. Almost every journalist reads this blog, whilst they don't read obscure left wing councillor blogs!

"Labour still not learning that down'n'nasty only reflects badly on them"

Much fuss was made when a Conservative councillor forwarded a supposedly 40 year old racist Canadian email. What will happen about this I wonder? Nothing?

Absolute disgrace. Bob Piper should be suspended by the Labour Party immediately, and investigated by the Standards Board. Can you IMAGINE the outcry had a Conservative said this? It is double standards.

His attempted defence, like Sion Simon's, of satire, is completely pointless because satire contains an element of humour. This is just an accusation of racism. Horrendous.

I suspect Mr Piper is about to become famous. Enjoy it Bob.

Wonder what their next attack will be on DC. Goat molesting maybe!!

It is not big and not clever is it. I can't help but feel that if Labour people with apparently no actual sense of humour keep on doing this it will be good for Cameron - as it makes them look like a bunch of dimwits with more time on their hands than talent. Perhaps compulsory viewing of past Spitting Image programmes for the mal-humoured dullards may be a suitable education in satire.

Cheltenham Girlie. I think we are better if they don't refine their sense of satire, as this sort of stuff is goldust!

The more these sorts of things are posted, even by the most irrelevant Labour Councillors they are still connected to the Party, and mud sticks. The desperation within this is somewhat startling.

I'm not really sure what point Piper and Ministry of Truth are trying to take.

The problem is, I think, that most left wingers just don't do humour, and when they try, they just look a bit silly.

In fact, Bob Piper seems to be a councillor who is very much in the mould of the unlamented Alan Amos of Tower Hamlets.

They really are disgusting aren't they. Truly vile people. The only mystery is, how come the Labour collective have managed to bask for so long in their nauseating glow of self-righteous moral superiority? When they contain so many people like this Piper creature?

Totally cretinous. Almost as cretinous as the "Tosser Test"

Interesting to hear the pharasaical, self-righteous bleats from the Cameron fan club. In my day you simply ignored this sort of nonsense and got on with the job in hand.

Touchy little fellows aren't they?

This was puerile. But for heaven's sake let's not make ourselves look ridiculous by working ourselves up into a pompous lather.

I'm disappointed that one MP even invoked the Standards Board. Tories should be calling for the abolition of that benighted organisation - feed feeding its beaurocracy with non-issues

In response to Peter Golds' comment:

"I note that one of the "authors", a Labour councilor chairs a Mental Health Trust. That rather says it all."

What does it say?

You're complaining about someone 'blacking up' David Cameron and then using Mental Health as a stick to beat the miscreant with. Nice line in double standards there. Well done.

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