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Gerald Ford might have been President for a short time but not sure about unexceptional - in pardoning Nixon, offering pardon to Vietnam draft dodgers, withdrawing from Vietnam he brought an era to a close - and with SALT & Helsinki we saw the beginning of the geo-politics of the 70' & 80's.
Then he brought into office a few now well known figures - George Bush Snr as head of CIA, Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defence & Cheney as Chief of Staff. We are living in a world that Ford's choices played a large part in creating, for good or ill.

It was Nixon who brought George Bush (Ambassador to the UN) and Donald Rumsfeld(Assistant to the President and Cabinet member) into government, Ted.

SALT can also be more fairly attributed to the Nixon administration, as it was their response to the demise of the US ABM system.

In a sense modern geo-politics owes more to first term Nixon than to anyone else. Before SALT and detente, Nixon's administration seemed to epitomise the belief that military might could be used to meet foreign policy objectives.

In a sense modern geo-politics owes more to first term Nixon than to anyone else.

So true. And it was Nixon who opened the door to China after Brezhnev asked the USA to join the USSR in a pre-emptive nuclear strike on China after the Yusuri River incidents.

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