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This is an excellent initiative and could well tip the balance in some marginal seats.

Greetings from here in Gibraltar, by the way.


I agree with Geoff above. The new website is a welcome development. And the idea of tapping into the expatriate vote is one the Party should embrace enthusiastically. There are thousands of expatriate Brits in Turkey- most of whom are currently unregistered to vote. We are hoping to form the first Conservatives Abroad in Turkey probably in January. And we will be vigourously tackling the issue of expat voter registration from day 1.

GC, if we can be of any assistance from here with practical advice about running an effective overseas branch then (without wanting to step on CAbroad's toes) feel free to email me.

Greetings too from Bangkok Thailand where are British Conservatives living and working

Thank you for your positive comments so far. We feel that the site, along with the branches of Conservatives Abraod, is something we can really develop to help make a difference at the next election

Hello also from Sydney Conservatives Abroad.

If you know anyone in Australia who:

1. Has come to Australia from the UK within the last fifteen years;
2. Is still a UK citizen; and
3. Is enrolled and prepared to vote for us

- then please contact me on the email address attached here. A rough thumbnail estimate suggests we could have 200-250 000 eligible UK voters living in Australia. We have set ourselves some goals and we are hungry to make a differenc to the election.

I'd like to acknowledge the sterling efforts of Lesley Taylor at CCO as well.

I thought non-resident voters were limited as to duration of voting rights

Yes TomTom - fifteen years. See point 1 in my previous post.

For detailed voting rights information visit: www.conservativesabroad.org/vote.php

An excellent initiative.

I suspect that Labour is quite keen to encourage its political opponents to emigrate - and this is a good way of countering that.

An excellent initiative. I have my overseas registration paperwork which I had sent to me before I left the UK, but can't actually do anything with it until I find another Brit who will vouch for me. This will help expats do that which is a critical step in the registration process. (I assume that is because they don't trust the natives, which considering how easy it is to fraudulently vote in the UK is a laugh).

And my former UK constituency is one we have to win to form a government.

Any Tories in Berlin and interested in getting something off the ground should no hesitate to email me. I'm interested in getting us started here (many many Brits around), but I'm terribly short on time myself at the moment. So basically any help would be much appreciated.

Anybody wanting to set up a branch or need to find someone to countersign their forms should contact us here: www.conservativesabroad.org/getintouch.php
and we will try help you


is this forum still active? I just checkd and saw that the last comment had been posted in 2006.



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