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PragueTory's campaign for Danny Dewsbury, and l'affaire Piper...

Seconding the nomination for Praguetory's Piper campaign.

another nomination for praguetory

Praguetory by a mile.

Thanks guys - very kind - many other honourable mentions required in both instances.

How could I forget. Andrew Woodman, Chris Palmer and Richard Hyslop for Reinstate Roger.

Which EURef campaign Goldie?

I'm not sure if this counts as a campaign but Drinking from Home's lampooning of the BBC's style of war coverage deserves some recognition.

I thought the PragueTory's posts on the Danny Dewsbury scandal (ably assisted by Croydonian and others) was excellent and I strongly support that nomination. :)

Seconding the nomination for Praguetory's Piper campaign.

Really? I thought that was ludicrous, hysterical rubbish.


Seconding the nomination for Praguetory's Piper campaign.

What was that about? Keeping the mystery piper at Edinburgh Tattoo?

Although I wrote a couple of posts about Danni Dewsbury the issue was so totally insignificant I now recall only the name.

OTOH the Roger Helmer campaign was a briliant and necessary battle on behalf of a courageous real Conservative against Eurofanatic oppression.

Even the wets were panicked into wearing their metaphorical "£" bdges on for that campaign and Cardhouse and Co backed down in the face of people power.

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