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ConservativeHome for publishing the A-list.

Iain Dale for Cherie's signed copy of the Hutton Report.

Wrong Anthony. The Mail on Sunday had that scoop. Iain brought it alive. Not insignificant but not a scoop.

EUreferendum with their stories on Hezbollah propaganda, i.e. "Green Helmet"

I support Goldie's nomination of EU Referendum for the exposing of Hizbollah's propoganda pact with the media.

I would like to nominate Dizzy Thinks for his scoop about the "johnson4leader" websites.

I second Dizzy, for the whole range of stories he broke this year.

I also think Dizzy an excellent blog. I thought the Hezbollah thing from Richard North actually had no basis whatsoever in fact and that Richard North was unable to prove his assertions.Is that not correct?

I think Iain Dale and other bloggers were behind exposing the links between Greenwich Council and the Dome Supercasino bid deserves high praise. I would also like to point readers to a brilliant scoop from the UK Daily Pundit which involved investigative digging and an eye for a story. This is now a lead story on the BBC website. Well done UKDP.

ConservativeHome's publication of the A-list was very useful as a scoop.

Drinking From Home for The unluckiest multiple home owner in Beirut, or for Orla Guerin busted after being caught claiming she hasn't "seen a single building that isn't damaged" when all she had to do was look behind her cameraman.

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