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A very tough one, this. Having carefully thought it through, I would rather like to see a blog about someone's daily life rise to the top here, especially where that person's daily life is impacted by politics and the blogger reports same in a non-partisan manner.

My nomination therefore goes to the excellent Dr John Crippen of NHS Blog Doctor fame. Dr Crippen unravels the complex nature of healthcare in an entertaining way and shows just how little benefit patients (or the general public) receive from any of the targets and other measures we politicians place great store by.

Iain Dale's blog has got really boring since he got on the priority list. It used to be quite good.

Isn't it all a bit farcical when this very site would win this and a couple of the other awards hands down if it allowed itself?

It still is good 'not him' .Devils Kitchen can also be good (if it were not for the swearing),James Cleverly on military matters, and solid good sense from Chris Whiteside.

I have got to agree with councillor Graham Smith, it has to be the excellent NHS Blog Doctor. He tells it how it is while the government tells us with figures how much they have improved things.
If Tony Blair had spent as much time on getting various departments within government to work efficiently we might have seen a more concentrated effort to improve public services. By concentrating on restructuring the NHS rather than wasting billions on delivering flattering figures, he might have had a real legacy to look back on after 10 years in charge.

I wish to nominate a few people for this area. I can’t decide on one!

Firstly, Dizzy Thinks for his excellent posts on the government's refusal to answer questions and his work with GNN press releases. Informative, interesting and at times, rather amusing.

I'd also like to nominate Croydonian for his coverage of the run up to the French presidential elections next year, his generally exquisite posts, and the accommodation of very interesting discussions in the comments area of the blog.

Thirdly I’d like to nominate Prague Tory for his insight from afar and for sticking to his guns over Bob Piper.

And finally I’d like to nominate Archbishop Cranmer for his superb posts on Rome, the EU and the advancement of Islam and for the accommodation of the deep discussions that result afterwards.

Cranmer - for His Grace's excellent writing skills!

Aye, Cranmer really is top notch.

I hope Guido Fawke's smarmy blog isn't counted.

Does the Doughty Street one count? It's not a conventional "blog" but still.

What about Graeme Archer? His blogs are ALWAYS interesting, they also get loads of replies and comments so I guess others think same as me.
Lets go with GRAEME ARCHER.

I wish to nominate the one and only Guido Fawkes.

Guido is one of the most influential but its never struck me as a Tory blog - I like Cranmer & Praguetory, Dizzy & Benedict White's A Conservatives Blog (and should visit Graeme's one more often) but Iain Dale is the one I'd nominate.

I'd like to put it on record that I'd be embarassed to be put forward in this category. Whilst not at the bottom of the blogging pyramid there are others that are streets ahead of me whatever way you look at it. In fact if I get hold of something meaty I'm more likely to pass to Guido or Iain than try to run with it myself. These aren't the actions of a daddy. Dizzy and Croydonian are also noticeably further up the blogging chain than I.

EU Referendum

Late entry. Outside of Conservative home, Islington Newmania is the number one based on independent research.

I would like to nominate Wat Tyler at Burning our Money for his dogged pursuit of our profligate politicos, and managing to be entertaining at the same time.

I would nominate UK Commentators, but I'm not sure if it qualifies as a properly 'conservative' blog. It's certainly right-wing, at least.

If UK Commentators fails the application, then Praguetory certainly gets my vote.

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