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I think its quite good I think Cameron comes over quite well- it suits his personality and his strengths- the fact that he is much better talking than speaking at official engagements. He comes over as a nice guy and actually speaks well- I slightly object to the questions which are fluffy- music or Boris etc but I suppose you ahve to have those on there. It seems like a good idea- like you I'm broadly in favour.

I think it's very good. After the first one I did not go back in for a bit, stupidly thinking it would be carrying the same piece, reinforced I might say by the snide remarks in the press always referring to the first one. He has the rare gift of talking to you straight without being patronising, and actually describing well what he is up to, I do feel informed by it.

Yes it is good and it will only become more important as time goes on. The non-policy questions and sense of fun is what sets it apart from the main Party website and give it its welcoming tone so are important.

Can you imagine Brown or Campbell trying to imitate this now - it just wouldn't work for them at all.

The handling of questions is the main weakness - it is important that its a two way dialogue. This doesn't mean answering each one but for example saying "mixed response...don't agree with X's views... I think...". Otherwise DC comes across well, the slightly amateurish and apparently unstaged look is effective.
Put in a bit more effort on the response side and it'll be a winner.

In the words of the late great Eric Morecambe "Not a lot'

I like it. I only check occasionally, but I think it's a great idea. The first one with the washing up was a tad contrived, but for him to be explaining his ideas and other events, it's bound to be quite successful.

Good to see him answering people's questions so publicly too.

Nope not watched it, and not likely to either.

It’s all well and good in these early days, but all it will turn into is an election campaign. I very much doubt you will get dissenting views because it’s only Cameron.

What Id like to see is a shadow cabinet blog, where you get all of them on the same site expressing views. After all we see Cameron all the time, we hardly see or hear from other members of the shadow cabinet. If we are going to form a Government, we are going to have to show we have a Cabinet of competent MPs.

Ok, so I'm a total technophobe, but I cannot get the David/Boris one at all. I seem to be asked for 29 quid all the time. It would be nice if that lovely Tim or Sam would oblige and put them on as a link!! I CAN get those . The ones I have managed to access are very good. DC was deliciously tactful about Gorbals Mick wasnt he!

Rallies - Webcameron does feature other members of the Shadow Cabinet, Peter Ainsworth, George Osbourne and David Willets have all appeared - doubtless others will in the future.

Annabel - I had the same trouble until I read a suggestion on webcameron by jrleighton. I downloaded a free program called VLC media player - it works a treat! Many thanks to jrleighton.

The video is available here : http://www.boriswatch.com/

It's in flash so you don't need to download or install anything...

Thanks for the suggestions, will try them.

I think it's a great idea, and it is going well so far.

The only problem is trying to answer viewers' questions. I think they're trying to sort something out that will make this a whole lot easier, but they've been saying that for a few weeks!

I was a bit cynical when the first webcast was so obviously set up, but it's very good now. The preparing the speech for the ageing society was very interesting.

I think it has been a triumph, personally. It plays to Cameron's strengths and comes across as very genuine.

Actually, the thing I enjoy the most about it is not just the leader's appearances, but the guest blog. Sometimes you get incredible stories on posted there.

Top marks.

Got to agree with Andrew Woodman regarding the speech preparation for the "ageing society". I found it fascinating to watch.
Webcameron has been a great idea, and I find myself visiting it 3/4 times a week to catch up with the latest pod casts and comments.
I thought the video with Boris was great, and I hope this will develop into a regular round-up with different shadow cabinet minister's getting their turn?


It makes my flesh creep. The phoney elevated into art form.

i think it's really good.

it's a really innovative way to comunicate with the electorate, especially young people.

rallies made me laugh, slagging it off without actually ever having visited it!

i have it on my RSS feed now, so i catch any new posts.

Ive gone through a fair few videos and Im still yet to be impressed. I find it rather shallow. The talk about ageism speech seemed contrived. I dont believe it to be honest. My bullshit-o-meter has been blown up though by the videos on that website. Certain aspects of the filming get skewed so that it seems amateurish, though the reality is that the film-makers know exactly that whats they want the audience to think it is. Its insulting to the audience.

I love it - it's kitsch.

Not supposed to be taken seriously, is it??

It helps embed Cameron's persona more securely, for better or worse.

James, I can't see that all of those round the table had the time to spend contriving the ageism sppech meeting. If they did, then they even less of an excuse for ignoring the letters from members which are apparently not answering.

A total embarrassment

And clearly preaching to the converted, as the tediously predictable slurp! slurp!comments above prove only too well.

Actually that's a running problem with the tightly-controlled little in-crowd the Cameroon Party is increasingly becoming these days.

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