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Easy to say in opposition and makes Blair look like hes looking way into the past instead of looking at today's problems. Job done.

Is this actually a party political issue?

Should it be?

Surely "White Slavery" is an issue on which all parties are agreed. If Hague doesn't think the government are doing enough why doesn't he spell it out?

An effective way to highlight the contradiction between Blair's words and his Government's inaction. Such a serious issue deserves more than lip-service from our PM.
At last Hague seems to be doing something useful.

I rather like this ad because it's rather difficult to show the sex of the "worker." It allows the mind to imagine and wonder who he or she is, and thus sticks and is more effective for it.

Instead of worrying about people who suffered 200 years ago, this is what The Prime Minister should be interested in.

8.500 slaves in London alone means a huge number of people exploiting this poor unfortunates.

Fighting human trafficking is a "War on Sex" on par with the "War on Drugs".

Stop making prostitution a crime, regulate it lightly and then people in the trade are not isolated, criminalised. That would be the start, as would the solution to drugs.

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